Category: Depressive Black Metal

ColdWorld – Autumn

Eight years. That is the length of time that has passed awaiting the successor to Melancholie²–the stellar debut of ColdWorld, the atmospheric black metal project of Georg Bӧrner. The inherent danger of such a time lapse is the prospect of being forgotten; however, with Autumn—an album that is more than worth the wait–ColdWorld erases all doubts and reestablishes their place within depressive atmospheric black metal. (more…)

Deafheaven – New Bermuda

Poser black metal! The cry of black metal purists as they scoff at Deafheaven, a band that has quickly grown in popularity, even appealing to, and often playing as the lone metal band at hipster-themed festivals. Some metal elitists may not even consider Deafheaven to be metal, which very much is a reach to argue due to the number of metal elements that form the core of their sound. I, on the other hand, am not a black metal purist, nor do I even consider myself a metalhead, therefore I have no need to confine myself to the perceived rules of a genre. Deafheaven eschews the lyrical themes and tone of black metal, yet incorporate other styles of metal and focus on emotional personal-oriented lyrics to forge their own blend of metal. This continues to be the case for Deafheaven’s third full-length album, New Bermuda. (more…)


Ghost Bath – Moonlover

I had believed that my interest in metal had waned so much in recent years that I found it unlikely that I would find another metal band that would garner any interest from me. Yet, here I am positively intrigued by the music on Ghost Bath’s Moonlover. Apparently after trolling the metal press over their supposed Chinese origins for several years, Ghost Bath revealed their true home as North Dakota. Moonlover is the group’s second full-length release and (more…)


Coldworld – Melancholie²

Coldworld was among my first introductions into the realm of depressive atmospheric black metal and, although, many bands share a similar style, Coldworld has managed to maintain my attention. Coldworld is the brainchild of Georg Börner of Germany, who composes all of the instrumentation and vocals. Melancholie² is currently the only full-length release, but a mighty fine release at that–perfectly apt for nights stuck in a blizzard or those tortuous nights of solitude. (more…)