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Alternative 4 – The Obscurants

Named after the classic Anathema album he played a prominent role in writing, Duncan Patterson returns with the sophomore album of the project of the same name, Alternative 4. Duncan Patterson was the key songwriter during Anathema’s classic period before departing after the release of their Alternative 4 album. With his new Alternative 4 projects, Patterson strives to return to some of the pathos that embodied that classic Anathema work. (more…)

Anathema – Judgement

For many Anathema fans, Judgement was their finest hour; it is indeed one of their classic albums. Judgement continues to refine the depressive rock sound perfected on Anathema’s prior album Alternative 4. Judgement continues in much the same style, but this album has more of a nostalgic homey feeling, particularly with the production and sound. (more…)


Katatonia – Dead End Kings

After the masterpiece that was Night is the New Day, I knew it would be difficult for Katatonia to top that album. With Dead End Kings, they attempt to do just that. After hearing the first single Dead Letters, I lowered my expectations considerably. (more…)


Katatonia – Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Here is yet another classic Katatonia album. For many Katatonia fans, Last Fair Deal Gone Down is Katatonia’s finest achievement. There is plenty of merit to this argument, but where it ranks within their discography is irrelevant—all that matters is that it is quality Katatonia. For this album, Jonas Renkse, Anders Nystrom and crew sought out to create a metal version of The Cure’s masterpiece Disintegration album. Despite the vast difference in music styles of the two bands, there is a hint of The Cure buried within Last Fair Deal Gone Down. The album opens with the excellent Dispossession. Each Katatonia album has its own sound and the sound of this album is exemplified on this (more…)


The Loveless – Star Rover


The Loveless was formed by three ex-Saturnus members: Brian Hansen (vocals, bass), Kim Larsen (guitars), and Jesper Saltoft (drums). They play a style of gothic rock similar to Katatonia—think the Discouraged Ones/Tonight’s Decision albums mixed with The Great Cold Distance, but not as good. The opening track Slipping represents the basic sound of their album, Star Rover. It consists of simple repetitive guitars that have a somber tone and Hansen’s monotone vocals. Generally, the music and the vocals are a little (more…)


Katatonia – Discouraged Ones

Katatonia’s Discouraged Ones album marked a drastic change in sound. It was the first album to feature exclusively Jonas Renkse’s clean vocals. He had done growled vocals on their debut and later was aided by Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt for growled vocals on Brave Murder Day. Discouraged Ones has become a classic Katatonia album and one that established their sound. I began listening to Katatonia with their The Great Cold Distance album and had difficulty getting each of their prior albums. Discouraged Ones was perhaps the most difficult for me, but it is now among my favorite Katatonia albums. The songs that make up this album are generally simple in structure. Much of the guitar (more…)


Katatonia – Tonight’s Decision

Katatonia is among my favorite bands and I first discovered them with their 2006 album, The Great Cold Distance. The rest of their discography initially came off as incredibly boring and could not garner my attention. However, as with many an album, Katatonia’s older albums have grown on me. Tonight’s Decision was once an album I couldn’t get half way through. Tonight’s Decision is Katatonia fourth album and has a unique sound that differentiates it from the rest of Katatonia’s work. The word that best describes the mood of this album is dismal. The lyrics are generally quite depressing and pessimistic. The vocals generally have little emotion and it sounds like vocalist Jonas Renkse is (more…)


Anathema – Alternative 4

Anathema has been around for nearly twenty years and has gone through several phases. They began as a doom metal band and now are closer to progressive rock. Alternative 4 is a fan favorite and one of the highlights of their middle period, as they moved away from doom towards more melancholic rock realms. Alternative 4 is an album that put Anathema on the map with a masterpiece of melancholy. (more…)


Katatonia – Night is the New Day

Night is the New Day is eighth album for the Swedish band Katatonia. From the very first listen, this album became one of my all-time favorite albums—one of those if you had to choose five albums to take with you stranded on an island type of album. Night is the New Day continues and expands on the style presented on the band’s previous effort, The Great Cold Distance. Guitarist Anders Nystrom was going through some writer’s block during the writing process of this album and Jonas Renske wrote most of the album. The album opener, Forsaken, begins with one of the heavier moments on the album. Katatonia has never really been a heavy band, but instead they have increasingly (more…)

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