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40 watt sun wider than the sky

40 Watt Sun – Wider Than The Sky

It has been 5 years since we’ve heard from Patrick Walker and the band 40 Watt Sun. When I heard that Wider Than The Sky would be released, I was ecstatic. Ever since hearing their first album as well as his work in Warning I was eager to hear some more up-to-date music from Walker. Wider Than The Sky was released and fulfilled those expectations. I may even go as far to say that this album could very well end up being my top album of 2016.


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The Foreshadowing – Seven Heads Ten Horns

The end of times has long been a topic of interest for mankind and it is no surprise to see a band with such an ominous name as The Foreshadowing to repeatedly take up such a topic. This is the case for the Italian’s fourth full-length, Seven Heads Ten Horns; this time focused on an envisioned collapse of a unified Europe beset by internal strains and contradictions, and once again an album replete with The Foreshadowing’s brand of medium-paced gothic/doom metal. (more…)


Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

Metal bands that have managed to endure twenty-plus years are rare, yet generally marked by the propensity of change. They may start off as a traditional death or doom metal band to eventually move away from their foundational style, causing a divide in the fan-base and resulting in incessant cries from the “true” cult fans that refuse to acknowledge that band’s later style. Paradise Lost’s first three albums were defined by the raw death/doom metal sound of the early nineties, which was followed by a variant of gothic metal (more…)


Almagest – Almagest (EP)


Making my usual rounds on the web, I stumbled upon Almagest. From Minnesota, Almagest brings atmospheric black/doom metal of the cold and cosmic variety. When thinking of things to describe this release, deep space and black holes come to mind. (more…)


Warning – Watching From A Distance

Magnificent doom metal band Warning is one of the greatest acts of the genre, bringing with them long and strong emotional tracks filled with sadness and despair. If you had read my review on the band 40 Watt Sun, you would have a pretty good idea of what you are getting into. (more…)


Vironsusi / Forests of Old – Neidonryöstäjä / White Lunar Light (Split)


Neidonryöstäjä / White Lunar Light is a split 7″ release by doom/black metallers Vironsusi and Forests of Old . Being unfamiliar with both of them, I was drawn to this release by the badass cover art of a man stealing a naked lady while riding off on a horse, all with a unique style to it. I have to admit, this release does take a few listens to really get into, but after many plays, I can vouch for its worthiness. (more…)


My Dying Bride – A Line of Deathless Kings

If Edgar Allen Poe was in a metal band, then My Dying Bride would be that band. This gothic/doom metal band has a style that would fit the words of that poet. A Line of Deathless Kings is the ninth studio album for My Dying Bride and one that is a little more active then most of their releases. It still has that gothic gloomy morbidity and those doom metal riffs with prominent bass lines. However, the music feels more aggressive and like there is more going on than in most doom metal. A Line of Deathless Kings (more…)


Katatonia – Discouraged Ones

Katatonia’s Discouraged Ones album marked a drastic change in sound. It was the first album to feature exclusively Jonas Renkse’s clean vocals. He had done growled vocals on their debut and later was aided by Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt for growled vocals on Brave Murder Day. Discouraged Ones has become a classic Katatonia album and one that established their sound. I began listening to Katatonia with their The Great Cold Distance album and had difficulty getting each of their prior albums. Discouraged Ones was perhaps the most difficult for me, but it is now among my favorite Katatonia albums. The songs that make up this album are generally simple in structure. Much of the guitar (more…)


Funeral – From These Wounds

From These Wounds is Funeral’s fourth full length album and continues their style of gothic-laden funeral doom. From These Wounds is an album you need to be in the mood for in order to manage getting through the entire thing, as is probably the case with a lot of funeral doom, or doom metal in general. All of the songs are quite similar with lots of slow, heavy distorted guitars, and very monotone vocals from Frode Forsmo. Forsmo’s vocals are almost chant-like or even Gregorian in nature, which contribute to the (more…)


40 Watt Sun – The Inside Room

40 Watt Sun is what became of a band named Warning. 40 Watt Sun is an excellent doom metal band, consisting of William Spong on bass, Christian Leitch on drums, and frontman Patrick Walker on Guitars and vocal duties. The thing about this group is that Walker has an excellent voice that draws you into this dark world and keeps you enthralled.  The Inside Room is the bands first full length album, consisting of 5 songs of extremely dark, depressing doom metal. The music itself is traditional doom metal, (more…)