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Portopia 81 – Cosmic City Serenade

Hiroshi Mizuno’s Portopia ’81 quickly rose as one of my favorite synth electronic artists. After focusing on Mizuno’s later works, I decided to step back through his discography and take a look at his earliest release under the Portopia name.


Wysyl – Imago Spectre

Tranquility is the theme of Imago Spectre by the United Kingdom’s Wysyl (also known as Liam Ward). Imago Spectre is a wonderfully peaceful and worry free release crafted by Ward for the 2014 Sensoria Literature & Arts Festival in Sheffield.  (more…)


Active Child – You Are All I See

To my ears, electronic music is generally overly synthetic and shallow, while contemporary R&B is unimaginative, redundant, and superficial and are generally both genres I steer clear away from, yet several years ago while listening to my recommendations radio, I came across electronic artist Pat Grossi and his project Active Child. The song that I heard blended the aforementioned genres, (more…)


Pulse Emitter – Alien Vacation

Well, its 2015 and its about time I got up off my ass (or rather sit down on it) and write a new recommendation. Based in Portland, Oregon, Pulse Emitter is an interesting synth project by Daryl Groetsch. Perusing Bandcamp, I stumbled upon this wondrous album Alien Vacation, and was entranced almost immediately. Released in Summer of 2014, this short five track album is an interesting piece of work. (more…)


Conrad Wedde – Space World

Conrad Wedde is an artist from New Zealand. Perusing Bandcamp, I was drawn to this release. With the style of the cover art being a minimalistic and cool piece, I had to check it out. Wedde, known for his work with indie progressive rock band The Phoenix Foundation, uses this solo album to craft a whole different style of music. (more…)


Portopia ’81 – Stardust Memory

Growing up on video games, its not hard to realize what drew me to this release. While browsing Bandcamp the other day, I stumbled upon an album with a cover that was very retro looking with some cool video game-styled graphics. I proceeded to check out what I had found, and was pleasantly surprised. (more…)


College – A Real Hero (EP)

I ran across College while watching the movie Drive, which is one of the most badass movies ever made. College is a moniker in which electronic musician David Grellier of France goes under. College was Grellier’s attempt to “sythesize into [his] music the emotions of [his] childhood”. Damn, David, you must have had one hell of a childhood. (more…)


Bassnectar – Timestretch

Dubstep—that scourge that has been plaguing our youth and destroying their souls. That word brings to mind drug-induced masses of youth wearing glow sticks, animal masks, lasers, glowing gloves, stoners behind laptops, all to the naïve chants of YOLO, with eager anticipation for the bass to drop and for their heads to explode. A genre defined by such gimmickry certainly deserves to be worthy of scorn from those who view music as artistic expression. However, before one begins to dismiss the genre so readily, it is best to at least attempt to understand it minimally. (more…)


Green Velvet – Unshakable

Here we go with a review I’ve been holding off on. Curtis Alan Jones, also known as Green Velvet, is a electronic house artist from Chicago Illinois. His album, Unshakable, release in 2013, is my first foray into the world of electronic house music, and let me just say it is interesting. (more…)


Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Saber, Querer, Osar y Callar

Astoundingly, Saber, Querer, Osar y Callar is Omar Rodriguez Lopez’s twenty-first solo album in just eight years. While not working on The Mars Volta, or any other of his many projects, he tends to put out several solo works a year. Lately, Rodriguez Lopez has been exploring an electronic direction, which is what Saber, Querer, Osar y Callar does. He writes all of the music, but is accompanied by Deantoni Parks on drums. The opening track Home Lost represents the core sound of this album: electronics, mysterious atmosphere, ethereal vocals, and some nice drums by Park that provide additional feeling to the electronics. All of Rodriguez Lopez’s vocals are filtered through various effects, (more…)