Category: Epic Viking Metal

Sleipnir – Oaths Sworn In Blood & Mead

Welcome mighty warrior, to some of the most epic, badass viking metal you will ever hear in your life. Sleipnir returns with their 2nd full length album, Oaths Sworn In Blood & Mead, and is an album you do not want to miss. Sleipnir consists of two men from the United Kingdom, Tossell (Vocals) and Darklord (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, FX, Backing Vocals) who had a goal in mind when creating this project: to create the most epic music humanly possible. My opinion? There could not be anything more grand in scale than this album. (more…)

Sleipnir – Bloodbrothers

Sleipnir is an epic viking metal band consisting of Darklord (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, FX, Backing Vocals) and Tossell (Vocals). After hearing just a few songs from this, I knew it was my duty to tell the world of the great mastery we have at hand here. Bloodbrothers is the first full length album by Sleipnir, consisting of 54 minutes of Valhalla-worthy metal that really packs a punch. Vocalist Tossell has the vocal style down with very epic, deep screams and yells as well as clean singing. The tracks have a heavy symphonic (more…)