Category: Freak Folk

David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble – Sliding the Same Way

Hailing from Otley, which is near Leeds in England, David Thomas Broughton has teamed up with Juice Vocal Ensemble on the album Sliding the Same Way. David Thomas Broughton is an interesting “indie” folk musician with an uncanny vocal and musical style. (more…)

Phosphorescent – Pride

Phosphorescent is the “indie” folk project of Matthew Houck, who is originally from Alabama, but moved to New York during the recording of his third album Pride. Pride continues in the style of his previous album, which is an interesting brand of folk music that traverses a variety of directions. A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise opens this stellar album with acoustic guitar, minimal drums, tambourines, and Houck’s interesting vocals full of Southern inflections. The music and the layers of instrumentation do not (more…)


David Thomas Broughton – The Complete Guide to Insufficiency

dtb insuffiency

David Thomas Broughton is an interesting musician from England associated with the freak-folk genre. The Complete Guide to Insufficiency is his first album that demonstrates his clever use of layers of looping cassette tapes that continuously build over the course of a song. Broughton has a strange voice, a thick accent, and often mumbles his words. His lyrics are (more…)