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The Foreshadowing – Seven Heads Ten Horns

The end of times has long been a topic of interest for mankind and it is no surprise to see a band with such an ominous name as The Foreshadowing to repeatedly take up such a topic. This is the case for the Italian’s fourth full-length, Seven Heads Ten Horns; this time focused on an envisioned collapse of a unified Europe beset by internal strains and contradictions, and once again an album replete with The Foreshadowing’s brand of medium-paced gothic/doom metal. (more…)

Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

Metal bands that have managed to endure twenty-plus years are rare, yet generally marked by the propensity of change. They may start off as a traditional death or doom metal band to eventually move away from their foundational style, causing a divide in the fan-base and resulting in incessant cries from the “true” cult fans that refuse to acknowledge that band’s later style. Paradise Lost’s first three albums were defined by the raw death/doom metal sound of the early nineties, which was followed by a variant of gothic metal (more…)


Khael – Efimero

Spanish metal band Khael has returned with their second full-length album entitled Efimero. Khael began as a four-piece, but due to the difficulties in making a living with music, the line-up has been reduced to a duo consisting of Aroa Martin on vocals and guitar, while Dani Perez is on drums. I first discovered Khael following Dani Perez’s departure from fellow Spanish hard rock/metal band Skizoo. (more…)


Amaran – Pristine in Bondage

amaran pristine bondage

Amaran was a short-lived female-fronted Swedish melodic death metal band from Sweden. I say melodic death metal despite there being no death metal vocals, with the exception of one song. Amaran was fronted by Johanna DePierre, who was accompanied by Kari Kainulainen (guitar, composition), Robin Bergh (drums), Mikael Andersson (bass), and Ronnie Backlund (guitar). Musically, Amaran plays a fairly standard, yet varied version of Swedish melodic death metal like that of bands like Dark Tranquillity or early In Flames, but with DePierre’s very strong female vocals. She has a strong clean voice, well-suited for this heavy music, and far from the angelic voices generally used by (more…)


My Dying Bride – A Line of Deathless Kings

If Edgar Allen Poe was in a metal band, then My Dying Bride would be that band. This gothic/doom metal band has a style that would fit the words of that poet. A Line of Deathless Kings is the ninth studio album for My Dying Bride and one that is a little more active then most of their releases. It still has that gothic gloomy morbidity and those doom metal riffs with prominent bass lines. However, the music feels more aggressive and like there is more going on than in most doom metal. A Line of Deathless Kings (more…)


Funeral – From These Wounds

From These Wounds is Funeral’s fourth full length album and continues their style of gothic-laden funeral doom. From These Wounds is an album you need to be in the mood for in order to manage getting through the entire thing, as is probably the case with a lot of funeral doom, or doom metal in general. All of the songs are quite similar with lots of slow, heavy distorted guitars, and very monotone vocals from Frode Forsmo. Forsmo’s vocals are almost chant-like or even Gregorian in nature, which contribute to the (more…)


Khael – Khael (EP)

Khael was formed by Dani Perez (drums) and Edu Fernandez (bass) after internal disputes with their former hard rock/metal band Skizoo. The acquired the talents of Aroa Martin for female vocals and Victor Duran on guitar. This self-titled debut EP shows Khael’s gothic-tinged metal. In effect, this EP is a drum clinic for Dani Perez, who is one of my favorite metal drums. Perez has also drummed for Spanish power metal bands Saratoga and Stravaganzza. The EP opens with Volver a Nacer and quickly showcases Perez’s (more…)


Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol

Paradise Lost has been around for twenty years or so and continues with the same tried and true formula. Tragic Idol is Paradise Lost’s thirteenth studio album. It basically continues the doom influenced gothic metal that they have barely strayed away from. I really started listening to this band with the previous album, Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us, and enjoyed their earlier releases as well. (more…)


Before The Dawn – The Ghost

The Ghost is Before The Dawn’s 3rd album, and pretty much the album that directs the sound of the band throughout the remainder of their career, as well as most of Saukkonen’s many other bands that follow. First off, for this album, Saukkonen ended up firing the entire band and got a whole new band to perform this album. Before The Dawn had always been his “solo” work, in which he would find musicians that would help perform the music, yet all writing was done by him. This album is one of their best, and a turning point for the band. (more…)


The Foreshadowing – Oionos


Oionos was one of my favorite and most listened to releases of 2010. It is the second album by Italy’s doom/gothic metal band, The Foreshadowing. They play a slow to medium paced doom metal, with gothic touches, and an apocalyptic feel. (more…)

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