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Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss

Now with her fourth full-length album—depending on how you count them—Chelsea Wolfe has cemented herself as the queen of dark atmospheric music in recent years. This argument is further strengthened by her newest release entitled Abyss—another broodingly atmospheric and compelling journey through a sonically nightmarish realm. Each of her albums have been unique, spanning a scope from Apokalypsis’ cinematic horror-movie-feel to the 80s-influenced Pain is Beauty and (more…)

The Loveless – Star Rover


The Loveless was formed by three ex-Saturnus members: Brian Hansen (vocals, bass), Kim Larsen (guitars), and Jesper Saltoft (drums). They play a style of gothic rock similar to Katatonia—think the Discouraged Ones/Tonight’s Decision albums mixed with The Great Cold Distance, but not as good. The opening track Slipping represents the basic sound of their album, Star Rover. It consists of simple repetitive guitars that have a somber tone and Hansen’s monotone vocals. Generally, the music and the vocals are a little (more…)


Chelsea Wolfe – Pain is Beauty

Chelsea Wolfe is a rising figure in whatever genre she is a part of. Is she gothic, or is she dark folk, or maybe a dark singer-songwriter? I am not sure, but she was a very great accidental discovery. A friend of mine wanted to go see atmospheric black metal band Wolves in the Throne Room, so I decided to look into the openers, thus was how I discovered Chelsea Wolfe. Her previous album, Apokalypsis, was a very dark album, that is similarly difficult to describe, and one that definitely warrants attention. Her third–or forth, depending on what you consider the first–album, Pain is Beauty, is slightly different in sound and also among my favorites of 2013. Pain is Beauty has a (more…)


Katatonia – Night is the New Day

Night is the New Day is eighth album for the Swedish band Katatonia. From the very first listen, this album became one of my all-time favorite albums—one of those if you had to choose five albums to take with you stranded on an island type of album. Night is the New Day continues and expands on the style presented on the band’s previous effort, The Great Cold Distance. Guitarist Anders Nystrom was going through some writer’s block during the writing process of this album and Jonas Renske wrote most of the album. The album opener, Forsaken, begins with one of the heavier moments on the album. Katatonia has never really been a heavy band, but instead they have increasingly (more…)

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