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InMune – Universal

Sophomore albums, particularly after stellar debuts, are often the bane of an artist’s discography due in part to the difficulty in meeting newfound high-expectations. In the case of Spanish hard rock/alternative metal band InMune, no such worries are necessary here. The band’s second full-length, Universal, is for the most part the equal of its predecessor Ilumíname. It is another marvelous display of crunchy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and melodic vocals all contained within standard song structures in a powerful, yet straightforward release. (more…)

Sôber – Vulcano

The leaders of the Spanish hard rock/alternative metal scene, Sôber, continue to school their peers on how this genre ought to be done. After a six year hiatus, during which splitting into Skizoo and Savia, Sôber release their third post-hiatus album—8th overall—titled Vulcano—one that makes up for the lethargic Letargo and one of the finest of their 20+ year career. Vulcano is 54 minutes of crunchy guitars riffs, soaring vocals, and all that you would want from an alternative metal album. (more…)


Disturbed – Immortalized

Rejuvenated and reinvigorated—Disturbed has returned with a sixth studio album after secretly writing and recording over the past year and a half. After five years of hiatus a suspicious teaser was posted to the band’s webpage displaying their mascot, “The Guy,” breathing on life support. Within days it was revealed the hiatus was over and that a new album entitled Immortalized would soon see the light of day. Immortalized shows Disturbed having not lost a step and with a fresh tone that, (more…)


Godsmack – 1000hp

When I first saw the album cover for this album I was thoroughly unimpressed. Sure, the car was nice, but it just seemed like a mediocre cover for an album. But is the music as mediocre as the cover art? (more…)


Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists

Disturbed holds a nostalgic place in my heart since their Believe album formed my musical foundation back in my high school days. Their third album, Ten Thousand Fists, also holds a special place. (more…)


Godsmack – Faceless

Godsmack was among the first bands I started listening to when I first started taking music seriously back in high school. A number of songs off of this Faceless album caught my attention back when I still wasted my time with the radio. It is interesting to see how well this has held up over time. Even over ten years later, Faceless holds up well for a commercial hard-rock/metal (more…)


Lordi – Get Heavy

Are you ready to warp into monster disco hell? If so, it is time to Get Heavy. Get Heavy is the first full length album released by the monstrous band Lordi. Released in 2002, Get Heavy is an amazing introduction to this band who dresses up as monsters and goes around playing hard rock music. At the time of this release, the band consisted of Mr. Lordi (Vocals), Enard (more…)


Disturbed – The Lost Children

Soon after the touring cycle for Disturbed’s Asylum album in 2010 finished, the band decided to go on an indefinite hiatus. In 2011, Disturbed released The Lost Children, which is a collection of b-sides and other songs not seen on any of their other full-length albums. It does not mean that these songs are inferior to those that made it onto their respective albums—the contrary should actually be argued as many of the songs on The Lost Children are among Disturbed’s best. There is a good distribution among songs from each album’s recording session: two from The Sickness era, one from Believe, four from Ten Thousand Fists, two from Indestructible, four from Asylum, along with a few (more…)


InMune – Ilumíname

InMune is an alternative metal/hard rock band from Spain consisting of Morti on vocals, Paulo Morete on guitars, David Segado on bass, and Carlos Dogliani on drums. InMune is a refreshing band in Spain’s rock and metal scene, which has plenty of folk and power metal, and a strong “indie” scene. I am not familiar with much of the band member’s previous work with the exception of Morti, who was the vocalist of the very strong hard rock/metal band Skizoo, the grungy Fantástico Hombre Bala, and a solid solo project. While listening to InMune, it is difficult not to make comparisons with Skizoo, since this is the “heaviest” band Morti has been a part of since, but the two bands are (more…)


Device – Device

Disturbed went into hiatus after the conclusion to the tour cycle for their 2010 album Asylum. Shortly afterwards, vocalist David Draiman teamed up with former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo to work on a new project. This project came to be Device and it purports to be industrial and hard rock. The self-titled debut is a decent album, but it does not hold attention as well as Disturbed albums, which is a comparison difficult not to make. Draiman sings in the same style he utilizes in Disturbed, whereas, while the guitar work is similar in tone, it is slightly lower in quality. The songs are all in simple predictable structures and feature plenty of very low-tuned guitars that attempt to give it an industrial (more…)