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Dark Filth Fraternity – Revolution Design

Typically I don’t generally listen to Stoner Metal. That genre sounds similar throughout with no real distinction between bands (at least from what I’ve heard). Fireball Ministry is the only band that I listen to in that genre. That is until I heard Dark Filth Fraternity. Dark Filth Fraternity (or DFF) have been around for awhile with Revolution Design being their third full length. With Panu Willman of Before the Dawn fame fronting the band, DFF is a breath of fresh air for the genre. While Revolution Design came out of nowhere for me, it is perhaps their strongest effort to date.


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Ghost – If You Have Ghost (EP)

Ghost (Ghost B.C. in the US) is a crazy rock band from Sweden, who have an interesting gimmick. The band consists of 6 total members, 5 of which are called “Nameless Ghouls” while the lead singer is Papa Emeritus II, who comes out on stage dressed as a somewhat satanic version of a pope. The nameless ghouls all have their faces covered with a mask and dress all the same, while Papa Emeritus basically preaches to his followers (sings), which are the audience viewers. It is actually really cool. Ghost plays a blend of heavy metal and basic rock, which a comparison to the musical style of Blue Oyster Cult is pretty fair. The band R.E.M. also comes to mind when hearing Emeritus’ vocals, (more…)


Lordi – Get Heavy

Are you ready to warp into monster disco hell? If so, it is time to Get Heavy. Get Heavy is the first full length album released by the monstrous band Lordi. Released in 2002, Get Heavy is an amazing introduction to this band who dresses up as monsters and goes around playing hard rock music. At the time of this release, the band consisted of Mr. Lordi (Vocals), Enard (more…)