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Sadistik x Kno – Phantom Limbs

Last year I went to my first hip-hop concert after becoming a fan of CunninLynguists, one of the very few hip-hop groups I listen to. Their brand of atmospheric music and intelligent lyrics enabled me to gain an appreciation for the genre of hip hop. Among the openers at this show was the depressive hip-hop artist of Sadistik, who made quite a display of his rapping abilities. Here, we find a collaboration EP between Sadistik and Kno of CunninLynguists entitled Phantom Limbs, which eloquently combines Kno’s trademark atmospheric production and Sadistik’s lyrical prowess. (more…)

Dälek – Gutter Tactics

Dälek is a unique anomaly in underground hip-hop. They combine the beats of hip-hop with industrial drone noise music. The result is a hypnotic journey through the decay of urban society. Gutter Tactics is the duos fifth full-length album, and unfortunately, it seems they are currently on indefinite hiatus. As with their other releases, the music is quite repetitive as a result of the continuous drone. Walls of noise and industrial drone meander along and ceaselessly flow from track to track and never really end. Hip hop (more…)


CunninLynguists – Strange Journey Volume Three

Strange Journey Volume Three is the third in a series of mixtapes by underground hip hop group CunninLynguists. I do not listen to very much hip hop, so I was under the impression that mixtapes were merely remixes of prior songs; however, this is not the case. This album loosely tells the story of some alien travelers visiting Earth on a spaceship controlled by a humorous computer lady called Miley 3000. Every song on this album features other hip hop artists, such as Aesop Rock, Murs, Sadistik, Del the Funky Homosapien, among others. These artists seem to be more prominent than Kno, Natti, and Deacon the Villain of CunninLynguists, but perhaps that is the purpose of this (more…)


Awkwafina – Yellow Ranger (EP)


Awkwafina is an interesting hip hop artist to say the least. One night, I had the great idea to do a search online for “white female rapper” as I did not really have any come to mind and felt like researching what was out there. I ran across Nora Lum, AKA Awkwafina, and was hooked. She uses extreme satire and comedy in her lyrics and music videos, which appeals to me greatly. It is a rare feat to find someone such as this, and is pretty entertaining in my book. Her lyrics focus on a lot of funny stuff, be it sexuality, bodily functions, or political figures to name a few subjects. Anyways, I tracked down her recently released EP, Yellow Ranger, and am quite satisfied. We have 11 tracks of (more…)


CunninLynguists – Oneirology

CunninLynguists is basically the only hip-hop group that I currently listen to. This group consists of Deacon the Villain, Kno, and Natti, who hail from Georgia and Kentucky. This semi-underground hip-hop generally lacks the traits that I have found repugnant in more mainstream rap and hip-hop. There is hardly any mention of the classless pimping of hoes and clubbing. Instead, what is heard is intelligent lyrics and vocabulary. Oneirology is an album about dreams as the listener is taken through the dreams of the (more…)