Category: Industrial

Slave’s Mask – Soak Kaos

Industrial, black metal tinged group Slave’s Mask is something unique in my book. I stumbled upon this after listening to Juha Kettunen’s other project, Somnivore, and was intrigued by what I had heard. Soak Kaos is the groups first release in 8 years, and second overall release under the Slave’s Mask moniker. The music heard here is heavily industrialized electronics that do have some black metal influences heard throughout, making it a dark, grimly adventure that is haunting in tone. (more…)

Dälek – Gutter Tactics

Dälek is a unique anomaly in underground hip-hop. They combine the beats of hip-hop with industrial drone noise music. The result is a hypnotic journey through the decay of urban society. Gutter Tactics is the duos fifth full-length album, and unfortunately, it seems they are currently on indefinite hiatus. As with their other releases, the music is quite repetitive as a result of the continuous drone. Walls of noise and industrial drone meander along and ceaselessly flow from track to track and never really end. Hip hop (more…)


Device – Device

Disturbed went into hiatus after the conclusion to the tour cycle for their 2010 album Asylum. Shortly afterwards, vocalist David Draiman teamed up with former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo to work on a new project. This project came to be Device and it purports to be industrial and hard rock. The self-titled debut is a decent album, but it does not hold attention as well as Disturbed albums, which is a comparison difficult not to make. Draiman sings in the same style he utilizes in Disturbed, whereas, while the guitar work is similar in tone, it is slightly lower in quality. The songs are all in simple predictable structures and feature plenty of very low-tuned guitars that attempt to give it an industrial (more…)


Dälek – Absence

Now this is a very interesting and unique hip hop group that I have discovered. I saw them recommended in, of all places, a Katatonia forum. Dälek consists of two members: MC Dälek on vocals/co-producer and Oktopus as producer. Dälek’s sound can be described as drone industrial music with hip hop drumming. Lyrically, they speak of social commentary and issues affecting urban society. Their album, Absence, is their “heaviest” and most drone/industrial album. (more…)