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Rome – A Passage to Rhodesia

Luxembourg’s Jerome Reuter continues to seamlessly blend history, art, and music into a cohesive whole with Rome and the new album A Passage to Rhodesia. This album examines the Rhodesian Bush War, or the Zimbabwe War of Liberation from 1964 to 1979. Much of this conflict had to do with the elimination of white minority rule that had resulted from European imperialism and colonialism in Africa, with repercussions continuing to plague that continent to this day. It is interesting to see a European musician examine this conflict. A Passage to Rhodesia is an album teeming with sensations of guilt, regret, shame, and conversely, optimism. (more…)

Rome – A Cross of Fire

The year 2011 was a big year for Luxembourg’s Rome, as Jerome Reuter simultaneously released three albums that year as part of the Die Aesthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit trilogy. This trilogy of albums examines anarchist movements in Europe, during the first half of the twentieth century, looking at their hope, aspirations, and, ultimately, the implausibility of such (more…)


Die Weisse Rose – A Martyrium of White Roses

die weisse rose martyrium

Although Die Weisse Rose only has one album, they have already created a stir in the controversial martial industrial neofolk genre. The band name refers to a German resistance group that resisted the Nazis. Die Weisse Rose is also a bit of a supergroup that has seen involvement from prominent figures in the genre, but primarily led by Thomas Bojden, who also does the predominant spoken word vocals. A Martyrium of White Roses is their only album and it is a very solid work. The atmosphere is quite dark, (more…)


Rome – Berlin (EP)

rome berlin

Jerome Reuter’s musical project, Rome, has put out a tremendous amount of work in just over a handful of years. The Berlin EP is what started this campaign of martial industrial neofolk back in 2006. Berlin, and the subsequent few albums, has a very dark, martial industrial sound with plenty of samples from vintage movies and historical events. The opening track, Like Lovers, begins with some dark music off of a 1930s or 40s era record until deep martial drums and Reuter’s semi-whispered vocals break in. The (more…)


Rome – Flowers From Exile

Jerome Reuter, from the small country of Luxembourg, continued his onslaught on the neofolk genre with Flowers From Exile. A new Rome album has basically become an annual affair. Again, Reuter utilizes a historical backdrop that takes the listener back to the dark days of the 30s and 40s, this time focusing on the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. Although Rome’s albums are immersed in history, history is not at the forefront of the music. Reuter’s deep vocals and well-written intelligent lyrics speak of the (more…)

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