Category: Melodic Black Metal

Gloria Morti – Eryx

Years ago metal distributor The Omega Order would run daily specials with albums priced at $3.33, shipping included. One of those albums was Gloria Morti’s Eryx. I had heard of them through Before the Dawn as lead guitarist Juho Räihä was in both bands, so I made the purchase. Years later, I have been jamming this album pretty consistently and it is an intense, ferocious ride through the black gates of hell. (more…)

Morlich – Tempest (EP)

When I think of Scottish music, I immediately envision kilts and bagpipes. As stereotypical as that may be, very few metal bands come to mind when thinking of Scotland. To fill the void, melodic death/black metal band Morlich has arrived. Morlich fuses heavy symphonic elements, screaming vocals, and rabid guitar and drum beats together to create a wild, mayhem-filled ride. (more…)


Shade Empire – Sinthetic


From Finland, Shade Empire is a heavily keyboard driven melodic death/black metal band. The band plays a pretty intense/epic sounding style of metal, in which the keyboards are the strongest part on the album. By the way, Sinthetic is also their debut album.  I had started listening to this album around 2006, and just came back to it recently. I had listened constantly prior, and now that I am coming back to it I can see why. (more…)

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Enslavement of Beauty – Mere Contemplations

Dramatic death metal may be the best term to describe this band, Enslavement of Beauty from Norway. Mere Contemplations is their 3rd studio album, and is a very good album. I had been driving across the country when I first started listening to this album years ago, and it was a great first experience with it. The songs have very dramatic riffing and lyrics throughout, and sounds as though the album is trying to tell some poetic story. Ole Alexander Myrholt, vocalist has a shrilly deep scream sound, that almost (more…)

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