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James LaBrie – Static Impulse

I have never really been a fan of Dream Theater. I have listened to a few of their albums, but nothing really stood out to me. One of the main reasons for this is that I do not like James LaBrie. His style of singing is melodic and well done, yet isn’t something that I can really get into…. or so I thought. (more…)

Machinemade God – Masked

Metalcore is a genre that I used to be into quite a bit. I haven’t checked out any recent metalcore albums in the last few years, but was  going through my music the other day and ran across Machinemade God’s Masked. Years ago, I would listen to this album all of the time. I have decided to revisit this album and it still holds up great today. (more…)

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Gloria Morti – Eryx

Years ago metal distributor The Omega Order would run daily specials with albums priced at $3.33, shipping included. One of those albums was Gloria Morti’s Eryx. I had heard of them through Before the Dawn as lead guitarist Juho Räihä was in both bands, so I made the purchase. Years later, I have been jamming this album pretty consistently and it is an intense, ferocious ride through the black gates of hell. (more…)


Morlich – Tempest (EP)

When I think of Scottish music, I immediately envision kilts and bagpipes. As stereotypical as that may be, very few metal bands come to mind when thinking of Scotland. To fill the void, melodic death/black metal band Morlich has arrived. Morlich fuses heavy symphonic elements, screaming vocals, and rabid guitar and drum beats together to create a wild, mayhem-filled ride. (more…)


Eluveitie – Origins

Switzerland’s folk-metallers Eluveitie have returned with another album under the Nuclear Blast record label. Origins continue with the folk metal with a strong Swedish melodic death metal foundation that Eluveitie has refined over the course of their careers. There is a running joke that bands on the Nuclear Blast label decline to mediocrity upon their signing. Although, I would disagree that Eluveitie’s music is mediocre, but they have strayed little from their formula over the course of the past few albums. (more…)


Fiend – The Ghost (EP)

fiend ghost

Russian melodic death/metalcore band Fiend has arrived with a gray alien on the cover, which is very eerie on its own. As a whole though, The Ghost is anything but, driving five solid tracks of heavy guitar, solid drumming, and an overabundance of electronics to drive the sound on. Vocals are actually very good in my opinion, and reminiscent of Anders Friden’s sound of In Flame’s Reroute to Remain album, with a mixture of screaming and raspy clean vocals that add a great layer to everything that is going on here. The Ghost is this band’s first EP and second release, and contains five tracks of crunchy, strong riffs and great, flowing melodies. This EP opens with Forgotten Sunrise, an intro (more…)


Black Sun Aeon – Darkness Walks Beside Me

Black Sun Aeon was formed in 2008 as a side project by Tuomas Saukkonen of Before The Dawn. Black Sun Aeon was (at the time of this release) a doom death metal group that featured Saukkonen and Mikko Heikkilä (of Sinamore fame) doing vocals, Saukkonen with the harsh screams he is known for, and Heikkilä doing his clean, crisp vocals. Of course, being (more…)


Amaran – Pristine in Bondage

amaran pristine bondage

Amaran was a short-lived female-fronted Swedish melodic death metal band from Sweden. I say melodic death metal despite there being no death metal vocals, with the exception of one song. Amaran was fronted by Johanna DePierre, who was accompanied by Kari Kainulainen (guitar, composition), Robin Bergh (drums), Mikael Andersson (bass), and Ronnie Backlund (guitar). Musically, Amaran plays a fairly standard, yet varied version of Swedish melodic death metal like that of bands like Dark Tranquillity or early In Flames, but with DePierre’s very strong female vocals. She has a strong clean voice, well-suited for this heavy music, and far from the angelic voices generally used by (more…)


In Flames – Clayman

This release was one of the turning points of my musical journey in life. This was around 2005 or 2006. Prior to this, I had listened to alternative rock band Cold and the hip hop of Wyclef Jean. However, I had heard various tracks on this release as well as Reroute to Remain at my friends house, at first thinking “Really, how can anyone get into this music?”. I then found myself going home and searching for the music online to check it out on a deeper level. As many may know, In Flames is a melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, who had pioneered what was known as the “Gothenburg sound” with fellow bands At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity. Clayman is the band’s fifth full (more…)


Satariel – White Ink: Chapter One (EP)

White Ink: Chapter One is Satariel’s latest work since 2007, and one that has been highly anticipated by me. Satariel is a melodic death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, consisting of Pär Johansson (Vocals), Mikael Granqvist (Guitars, Backing Vocals), Robert Sundelin (Drums), Magnus Alakangas (Guitars, Synth, Programming), and Mikael Granbacke (Bass). White Ink was to be the name of the newest album, which the band had released information on years ago, but nothing ever came of it. Then, almost out of nowhere, this EP comes out, in which they plan on splitting that new album into 3 EPs as they have stated they do not have much time and want to get some music out there (more…)