Category: Melodic Power Metal

Crystal Wall – Crystal Wall (Demo)

crystal wall demo

Crystal Wall is a 5 piece Melodic Thrash Metal Band with Power metal-ish inspiration wrought throughout. Crystal Wall is their 2nd Demo, which is a pretty good record. It features 5 tracks of thrashy metal complete with male screaming vocals and female singing vocals. The male vocals are raspy and hard to discern, while the female vocals are what stand out, which are a (more…)

Stratovarius – Visions

Stratovarius is a legendary melodic power metal band from Helsinki, Finland. I had first got into these guys many years ago, while going to the local Warehouse Music store and randomly purchasing an album by them. From then on, I went back every couple of weeks and bought another, as I was going through my intense “power metal phase” of the mid-2000’s. Visions is the band’s 6th full length album that was released in July 1997, and consists of 10 varying tracks, from momentous ballads, to Castlevania-esque theme music, to even some shred metal, this album has some good stuff packed in. Frontman Timo Kotipelto (Vocals) has always been a majestic looking person as well, with (more…)