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Gojira – Magma

Genuine artists often strive for constant change and experimentation. Sometimes these experimentations succeed, while oftentimes they do not. Magma, the sixth full-length from French progressive death metallers, Gojira, is one of these attempts in style-shift. During their over-sixteen-year tenure, Gojira has risen to be among the stalwarts of progressive death metal with a relentless auditory assault that has pushed the boundaries of metal. However, with Magma, we see Gojira, led by vocalist/guitarist Joe Duplantier and drummer Mario Duplantier, seek to simplify their music and attempt to confine it within a shorter, more accessible package. (more…)

The Foreshadowing – Seven Heads Ten Horns

The end of times has long been a topic of interest for mankind and it is no surprise to see a band with such an ominous name as The Foreshadowing to repeatedly take up such a topic. This is the case for the Italian’s fourth full-length, Seven Heads Ten Horns; this time focused on an envisioned collapse of a unified Europe beset by internal strains and contradictions, and once again an album replete with The Foreshadowing’s brand of medium-paced gothic/doom metal. (more…)


Katatonia – The Fall of Hearts

There are times when one of your favorite bands simply put out a release that you cannot get into, no matter how many times you listen to it. In my case, that is the situation with Katatonia’s The Fall of Hearts. Katatonia has long been one of my most influential artists as each of their releases has helped define an era of my life. However, their ninth full-length, The Fall of Hearts, does not resonate with me on a personal level at all. Objectively, it is a well-composed and intricate album that demonstrates growth in the band instrumentally, yet it misses that little something that evokes feeling within me. Or, is this sentiment simply a reflection of my current state of mind that, perhaps, is not at present compatible with this album? Maybe it will one day click, as many albums in the past have. (more…)


Deafheaven – New Bermuda

Poser black metal! The cry of black metal purists as they scoff at Deafheaven, a band that has quickly grown in popularity, even appealing to, and often playing as the lone metal band at hipster-themed festivals. Some metal elitists may not even consider Deafheaven to be metal, which very much is a reach to argue due to the number of metal elements that form the core of their sound. I, on the other hand, am not a black metal purist, nor do I even consider myself a metalhead, therefore I have no need to confine myself to the perceived rules of a genre. Deafheaven eschews the lyrical themes and tone of black metal, yet incorporate other styles of metal and focus on emotional personal-oriented lyrics to forge their own blend of metal. This continues to be the case for Deafheaven’s third full-length album, New Bermuda. (more…)


Disturbed – Immortalized

Rejuvenated and reinvigorated—Disturbed has returned with a sixth studio album after secretly writing and recording over the past year and a half. After five years of hiatus a suspicious teaser was posted to the band’s webpage displaying their mascot, “The Guy,” breathing on life support. Within days it was revealed the hiatus was over and that a new album entitled Immortalized would soon see the light of day. Immortalized shows Disturbed having not lost a step and with a fresh tone that, (more…)


Primordial – To the Nameless Dead

What of those that have died in battles past? What of the various European tribes that stood against the Romans? What of those that died in the kingdoms of Charlemagne? What of those who died for the various Germanic kingdoms prior to the unification of Germany? Are all of their deaths now in vain as Europe seems headed towards some type of economic and political unification? (more…)


Novembre – Materia

It has been quite a while since Italy’s Novembre released their last album entitled The Blue in 2007. The year prior they released my favorite album of theirs, Materia, which was a shift in sound with considerably less death metal vocalization. Materia is a dreamy progressive metal album with strong feelings of nostalgia permeating through it. (more…)


Eluveitie – Origins

Switzerland’s folk-metallers Eluveitie have returned with another album under the Nuclear Blast record label. Origins continue with the folk metal with a strong Swedish melodic death metal foundation that Eluveitie has refined over the course of their careers. There is a running joke that bands on the Nuclear Blast label decline to mediocrity upon their signing. Although, I would disagree that Eluveitie’s music is mediocre, but they have strayed little from their formula over the course of the past few albums. (more…)


Khael – Efimero

Spanish metal band Khael has returned with their second full-length album entitled Efimero. Khael began as a four-piece, but due to the difficulties in making a living with music, the line-up has been reduced to a duo consisting of Aroa Martin on vocals and guitar, while Dani Perez is on drums. I first discovered Khael following Dani Perez’s departure from fellow Spanish hard rock/metal band Skizoo. (more…)


Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists

Disturbed holds a nostalgic place in my heart since their Believe album formed my musical foundation back in my high school days. Their third album, Ten Thousand Fists, also holds a special place. (more…)