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Machinemade God – Masked

Metalcore is a genre that I used to be into quite a bit. I haven’t checked out any recent metalcore albums in the last few years, but was  going through my music the other day and ran across Machinemade God’s Masked. Years ago, I would listen to this album all of the time. I have decided to revisit this album and it still holds up great today. (more…)

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Fiend – The Ghost (EP)

fiend ghost

Russian melodic death/metalcore band Fiend has arrived with a gray alien on the cover, which is very eerie on its own. As a whole though, The Ghost is anything but, driving five solid tracks of heavy guitar, solid drumming, and an overabundance of electronics to drive the sound on. Vocals are actually very good in my opinion, and reminiscent of Anders Friden’s sound of In Flame’s Reroute to Remain album, with a mixture of screaming and raspy clean vocals that add a great layer to everything that is going on here. The Ghost is this band’s first EP and second release, and contains five tracks of crunchy, strong riffs and great, flowing melodies. This EP opens with Forgotten Sunrise, an intro (more…)