Category: Neo-Classical

Ghosts of Oceania – Wanda Beach [Demo]

Wanda Beach is the most recent release by Ghosts of Oceania, and frankly the one that contains the most intense backstory. Wanda Beach is another demo consisting of seven tracks inspired by the Wanda Beach Murders of 1965. The music speaks volumes, consisting of eerie piano and synth that drives home the mysterious and gruesome killings that took place in Australia. (more…)

Ghosts of Oceania – Those Taken By The Tides [Demo]

Moving onward, here are my thoughts on Ghost of Oceania’s second demo, titled Those Taken By The Tides. (more…)


Ghosts of Oceania – Demo I [Demo]

As I sit here looking out the window this morning with the rain coming down, I feel that Ghosts of Oceania is a suitable soundtrack to this experience. I can’t remember exactly how I ran across Ghosts of Oceania, but being a side project of Azghor from Drowning the Light, it got my attention right away. (more…)