Category: Neofolk

Rome – The Hyperion Machine

The well of inspiration can only withstand pumping out an album per year for so long. There must surely come a point where there is a stumble and the goal of pushing boundaries is not quite achieved. Jerome Reuter’s music project, Rome, has been able to maintain an annual high quality output for a decade, but here I find, for the first time, with The Hyperion Machine a Rome album that comes off as lackluster. (more…)

Imbaru – El Inherente Sentir en los Árboles

I am not one for conspiracies, but were I a betting man, I would not be surprised were I to find that Chile’s Imbaru consisted of one former member of Uaral. For background, Uaral was a Chilean doom/neo-folk duo that has essentially disappeared after their second and last release in 2007, Lamentos a Poema Muerto. Although I have no concrete evidence to corroborate my hypothesis, I find it safe to say that with the remarkably similar aesthetics, guitar style, and a swarm of posts on a Uaral fan-page that Imbaru is in fact that band’s spiritual successor. Whatever the truth may be, Imbaru is indeed a band that warrants attention in the neo-folk scene and a look into their fifth full-length, El Inherente Sentir en los Árboles. (more…)


Kinit Her – The Blooming World

Were a slum to be found just outside the gates of heaven, the disturbed undertones, medieval acoustic guitars, and agonized voices so prevalent in the music of Kinit Her would make an adequate representation of the contrasts presented in that image. After a string of EPs, Wisconsin’s Kinit Her have returned with The Blooming World—to continue with their unique sound, this time conjuring a more heavenly and mystical journey, while still retaining their signature disturbing atmosphere. (more…)


Circle of Ouroborus – Unituli

Circle of Ouroborus is an oddity in the periphery of the black metal world. The influence of that genre is evident, yet they are not entirely in it. Circle of Ouroborus has released a plethora of albums in a short span. My reviewer compatriot on this exquisite website introduced me to this band several years ago and my interest was quickly peaked by their odd sound and peculiar vocals. Unituli, one of their several 2010 albums, is the Ouroborus album that I keep finding myself going back to. (more…)


Fields of Mildew – I

Fields of Mildew out of Germany is a somber and dark acoustic release under Fallow Field and an excellent one at that. With pretty much no information on this release, I write this blindly. This self-titled release is a damp and dark stroll through six songs with a heavy aura of gloominess. (more…)


Kinit Her – The Cavern Stanzas

Here, another feeble attempt to utilize words that are devoid of the justice deserved by this release and artist—Kinit Her’s brand of neofolk transcends categorization, as is the case with The Cavern Stanzas. The Cavern Stanzas consists of two fifteen-minute pieces that envelops and drags the listener into a disturbed and shadowy realm.



Kinit Her – The Poet & The Blue Flower

Wisconsin’s Kinit Her was initially slated to open for Luxembourg’s Rome’s Californian tour dates; however, for their own reasons they were unable to. Having discovered them as a result of this tour announcement, I was greatly disappointed. Alas, a new musical discovery came out of this situation, which offers a fresh and unique experience. The Poet & The Blue Flower was my entry into the inexplicable world of Kinit Her. Their unique brand of neofolk is surely worth attention. (more…)


Crown of Asteria – Cycles (EP)

Lately I realize I have been listening to a lot of one man black metal projects, and was wondering about any type of one woman projects such as this. In the search, I stumbled across Crown of Asteria. Crown of Asteria is a one woman atmospheric black metal/neofolk project by Meghan W. of Michigan. Upon further inspection, I was actually pretty damn impressed. (more…)


Masks of Canaan – Masks of Canaan

I ran across this cassette doing my usual rounds online, looking for some mesmerizing tunes. Boy did I hit the jackpot here. Masks of Canaan is a solo project by Jason Wood (or JW as he goes by), who is notable in various black metal projects. I had never heard of him nor Masks of Canaan before, so I did not know what to expect.  After hearing the first track, I knew I had found something really special. (more…)


King Dude – Burning Daylight

Imagine what it would be like had the southern United States during the 1950s and the birth of rock’n roll embraced occult Satanism rather than Protestant Christianity? The answer might resemble King Dude. King Dude, the project of T.J. Cowgill, also of Book of Black Earth, plays an interesting blend of rockabilly and vintage rock’n roll with the low-quality production aesthetics of black metal. (more…)