Category: New Age

Wysyl – Imago Spectre

Tranquility is the theme of Imago Spectre by the United Kingdom’s Wysyl (also known as Liam Ward). Imago Spectre is a wonderfully peaceful and worry free release crafted by Ward for the 2014 Sensoria Literature & Arts Festival in Sheffield.  (more…)

25,000 Kittens – 25,000 Kittens

Released under label Ginjoha in 2014, 25,000 Kittens is another cassette by artist Hiroshi Mizuno who I am a big fan of from his Portopia ’81 albums. 25,000 Kittens is a one-off consisting of two ten minute tracks filled with celestial ambient beauty. (more…)


Iasos – Bora Bora 2000

Browsing my social media accounts, I happened upon an album cover that caught my attention. Vibrant colors of the ocean with animals, statues and UFO’s were shown, and I knew I had to check it out. (more…)


Penguinum – Balancing

Music is everywhere. Technology has advanced so much in these last twenty years that instead of having to dig deep for music, it can just fall into your lap. However, to find something good one must still search it out, and with the ease of publishing online these days, you have to wade through more and more shit than ever before to find the good stuff. Luckily, I stumbled over Penguinum today. (more…)


Christopher Peacock – Island Time

Digging through my local thrift store music section, I ran across a cassette tape with a cool cover of a piano and string bass in water. It had a  minimalistic art style that caught my attention. Costing only a dime, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this purchase and took the plunge without knowing a thing about the tape. When I got home, I threw the tape in and did some research, and soon discovered something very neat. (more…)


Conrad Wedde – Space World

Conrad Wedde is an artist from New Zealand. Perusing Bandcamp, I was drawn to this release. With the style of the cover art being a minimalistic and cool piece, I had to check it out. Wedde, known for his work with indie progressive rock band The Phoenix Foundation, uses this solo album to craft a whole different style of music. (more…)


Marston Smith – TechnOrganica


Playing a 6 string electric cello and dressed up in some battle armor from the Halo video game series was my first experience with hearing Marston Smith, AKA Lord of the Cello, at the Citadel Outlets in Anaheim. At first, I was not really sure what I was seeing, with this man dressed up, playing a cello as well as drumming on it, but I was captivated by the sound. (more…)


Kamal – Mysterious Traveller


Alright, so here we go with an odd review. New age artist Kamal has a ton of albums under his belt, which are all very peaceful and relaxing. The way I found out about this guy is I was at a friends house and she was flipping through all of those music channels that some cable companies have, and she had hit the new age station, where Kamal’s song Tales from Tambourine Mountain was playing. I was enjoying it, and decided that when I got home, I’d look him up. Well, I did, and Mysterious Traveller fell into my music catalog. I listened to it a few times, and determined that it is pretty pleasing on the ears. (more…)