Category: Nu-Metal

Korn – The Serenity of Suffering

Bands frequently claim their new album will be their heaviest, but how often is this actually true? The same claims were made for Korn’s twelfth full-length studio album, The Serenity of Suffering, by guitarist Brian “Head” Welch. Korn has long been among the pioneers of the much criticized genre of nu-metal, with their first handful of albums as classics to that era. However, the years that coincided with Welch’s absence brought forth some very up-and-down material, yet with his return, Korn has seen a return to form of sorts. The Serenity of Suffering cranks up the intensity and continues this trend of redemption, but with certain limitations. (more…)

Godsmack – Faceless

Godsmack was among the first bands I started listening to when I first started taking music seriously back in high school. A number of songs off of this Faceless album caught my attention back when I still wasted my time with the radio. It is interesting to see how well this has held up over time. Even over ten years later, Faceless holds up well for a commercial hard-rock/metal (more…)


System of a Down – System of a Down

System of a Down is that kooky eccentric metal band of the early 2000s that everyone either loves or hates. Regardless of your opinion of them, they deserve respect for at least having their own distinct sound instantly recognized as System of a Down. Their self-titled debut album unleashed their eccentricity upon the world with their out of the ordinary style of (more…)