Category: Pop Rock

Morti – Exmundus


The year 2010 marked a tremendous year of music for me with a number of superb releases and musical discoveries. Among those superb releases was the debut album by Morti titled Exmundus. Morti has been a prominent figure in the Spanish underground rock scene after his work in Fantasico Hombre Bala, hard rock/metal band Skizoo, and more recently, InMune. Exmundus is an album of very high production quality and lush sound and an album that I would consider among my favorites of all time. (more…)

Christopher Cross – Christopher Cross

The purpose of this site, Sol Mortuus, is to inform viewers of good music out there, no matter what the genre. I start my review with this, as Christopher Cross is one of my all time favorite soft rock artists, which I can actually say he may actually be the only soft rock artist I listen to at this time. He basically created a “Yacht Rock” genre with his first album, also named Christopher Cross, in 1979. The album was a huge success, which netted him a few Grammy awards including album of the year. It was also one of the most influential soft rock albums of all time. I agree with all of the above. This album is a fun, all around good time. The album has a tropical vibe to it, with solid, catchy (more…)


Elefantes – El Rinoceronte

The Spanish pop rock band, Elefantes, reunited to create their first album in nine years. I had first discovered this band after listening to vocalist Shuarma on the only album by Spanish supergroup, Bushido, which consisted of Shuarma, Enrique Bunbury, Carlos Ann, and Morti—all prominent figures in the Spanish underground, with the exception of Bunbury, who is well-known in the Spanish-language world for his work in rock band, Heroes del Silencio. Of the four members of Bushido, Shuarma’s work in other projects (more…)