Category: Post-Punk

Esben and the Witch – A New Nature

It does not seem to have been that long since Esben and the Witch released Wash the Sins Not Only the Face in 2013, yet they have already returned with a new album called A New Nature. Hailing from Brighton, England, Esben and the Witch plays a form of alternative rock with significant elements of post-punk and shoegaze in conjunction with their ethereal sound. (more…)

New Order – Movement

From the ashes of Joy Division came New Order, who was formed by the remaining three members of the former band following the suicide of vocalist Ian Curtis. New Order’s first album was Movement and stands sonically as somewhere between the gloomy post-punk of Joy Division and the electronic dance music direction they would pursue soon afterwards. (more…)


The Cure – Faith

Among the most important post-punk bands to have emerged from the 1980s was The Cure. In my opinion, The Cure has a very inconsistent discography with Faith, Pornography, and Disintegration being their most consistent works. Faith was released back in 1981 and among The Cure’s best work. Faith is high quality beginning to end—something that cannot be said of the majority of their albums. It has a very grey and disillusioned atmosphere ideal for those looking for gloomier music. The album opens with the prominent bass lines of The Holy Hour, which stumbles on lacking motivation, but in a good way musically, ideally setting the mood for the rest of the album. An (more…)


The Smiths – The Queen is Dead

Music of the 1980s is a relatively new journey for me over the past two years and The Smiths are another classic 80s band that has seen heavy rotation from me during that time period. The Smiths only released four albums during their short existence, who were led by vocalist Morrissey, joined by guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke, and drummer Mike Joyce. All of the instrumentation is solid. The bass is varied and has that post punk vibe, as do the drums. Marr’s guitar work is also varied and of high quality. The Smiths play a style of alternative rock mixed with post-punk and is full of 50s vibes. The Queen of Dead is their third of four albums. Each of their albums does not differ (more…)


Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division was a short-lived post-punk band that has released two classic albums, one of which was Unknown Pleasures back in 1979. Unknown Pleasures has influenced many a band since and the album holds quite well after all these years. (more…)


Public Image Ltd. – Flowers of Romance

Public Image Ltd was a very experimental post-punk band in the early 1980s. The vocals on the 1981 album, Flowers of Romance, by Public Image Ltd are absolutely terrible, but perfectly suited for this odd album. John Lydon, who was the vocalist of the famous punk band, The Sex Pistols, which broke up in the late 1970s, later formed Public Image Ltd. Flowers From Romance is a very strange, experimental, minimalist, and un-commercial album that is quite random. (more…)


The Cure – Disintegration

I had never really liked any music that could be associated with the 1980s. It conjured images of cheesy hair metal, even cheesier electronic music, and neither did I ever get into any classic rock from that era. It was a decade that I had stayed away from until I watched an interview with Swedish melancholic metal band, Katatonia, discussing the albums that had influenced them. Among the albums they mentioned was The Cure’s Disintegration. The first listen did not leave any lasting impressions, but as with many an album, I revisited it several months later and had one of those goose bump-inducing listens. My initial reaction was to realize how much of Katatonia’s middle era sound was (more…)