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Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress

Canada’s post-rock overlords Godspeed You! Black Emperor have returned with their fifth full-length album titled, Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress. This album is in many ways an entirely different beast than its predecessor, ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! Yet, fans of Godspeed’s general sound will find it very much familiar as it does not stray all that far from what is expected from this band. Godspeed’s lengthy cinematic brand of post-rock is still at the core of this release.


Code – Mut

Time and time again I have listened to this album, Mut, from UK based band Code, and I still can’t believe what I am hearing. Code has been around for a long time, Mut being their fourth full length album, and the second album with vocalist Wacian. Rather than following their roots that contained many elements of black and avant-garde metal, Code has instead switched it up with Mut and are now playing an eerie, strangely mysterious progressive post-rock hybrid of music that I find uninteresting for the most part. (more…)


Jakob – Sines

Thus far, 2014 has been a strong year in terms of post-rock releases. Sines, the new album from New Zealand’s Jakob, finds itself among the leading albums in that category. It has been eight years since the release of Solace, yet this wait is definitely worth it. (more…)


Mono – The Last Dawn

In this year of 2014, Japan’s post-rock masters Mono have taken the bold step of releasing two albums simultaneously. These consist of The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness—albums that the band has claimed would be stripped down of the orchestral nature of the previous several albums, which was a direction they believe reached its peak on 2011’s For My Parents. The Last Dawn is the first of these two new albums and is considered the lighter. (more…)


Ef – I Am Responsible

Gothenburg, Sweden isn’t just known for its melodic death metal. A variety of music has come from the area, including post rock band Ef. I can’t recall how or when I stumbled upon this band. It was probably during my post rock phase of discovering bands such as Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai. Ef is a wonderful band who play post rock that is really vibrant and colorful. (more…)


This Will Destroy You – Another Language

This Will Destroy You is yet another post-rock band, this time hailing from the United States, in particular the state of Texas. This Will Destroy You have returned with their much anticipated third full-length studio album called Another Language. This new album is very much a mix of the standard post-rock of their debut self-titled album, in the vein of such bands as Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai, and that of the ambient, noise post-rock of their sophomore Tunnel Blanket. (more…)


Maybeshewill – Fair Youth

Maybeshewill is among the plethora of post-rock bands that make up that over-saturated genre, albeit one of the better bands worth paying attention to. These post-rockers, or whatever genre they would prefer to be associated with, have returned with their fourth full-length album entitled Fair Youth. (more…)


Palms – Palms

Palms is the collaboration between former post-rock giant Isis members Aaron Harris, Bryant Clifford Meyer, Jeff Caxide and Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno. Palms has many aspects that make the Isis influence clear within the sound, but there are some aspects that make it different, such as walls of distorted guitars, and obviously Chino Moreno’s vocals. Also, Moreno’s vocals obviously bare similarities to his work with Deftones, but with Palms they are generally softer and serve a more atmospheric purpose. The opening track Future Warrior establishes the sound that is to be expected on this self-titled debut album from Palms. In many ways, it is similar to a softer Isis, with its post-rock (more…)


*shels – Plains of the Purple Buffalo

Album covers or titles have a way to draw attention. Such was the case with Plains of the Purple Buffalo by British band *shels, who are formed by members of various underground post-hardcore bands. Plains of the Purple Buffalo sounds like a post-hardcore band trying to play post-rock and it definitely succeeds. The album opens with Journey to the Plains, which builds slowly in post-rock-like fashion before it gets a little heavier and distant post-hardcore-style screams are heard in the background. Plains of the Purple Buffalo – Part 1 takes a more ambient post-rock route with subtle guitar before Plains of the Purple Buffalo – Part 2 introduces some metal with clean, high-pitched, (more…)