Category: Progressive Metal

Orphaned Land – All is One

I have always had a weakness for Middle Eastern music; it always sounds very ancient and mystical. Orphaned Land was one of the first underground metal bands that I discovered that led me away from the generic music on the radio. Generally, Orphaned Land takes over five years between albums, but All is One saw the light after only three years, and this “rush” might show a little. All is One is a slight departure for Orphaned Land, whose albums are generally nearly eighty minute long concept albums, but this album is much more straight forward. (more…)

Tool – Lateralus

I had liked Tool all through high school, with the song Schism, off of Lateralus, being among the first songs that got me listening to music. However, I never tried to get into any of their albums. One night after leaving my friend’s house with a massive headache, I decided to go to Best Buy and purchase Tool’s Lateralus album. This album was quite an experience laying in bed in the dark. (more…)


Meshuggah – ObZen

Have you ever listened to your washing machine or lawnmower motor run and somewhat discern some type of mathematical pattern? Convert the sounds to electric guitar and drums and you basically get Meshuggah. I do not listen to very much metal like this, so I may not be the best to describe this. Now for some music theory description that I do not understand: according to an interview with the band, Meshuggah typically employs a 4/4 time signature for the drums by Tomas Haake, while the rest of the instruments (more…)

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