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Rome – The Hyperion Machine

The well of inspiration can only withstand pumping out an album per year for so long. There must surely come a point where there is a stumble and the goal of pushing boundaries is not quite achieved. Jerome Reuter’s music project, Rome, has been able to maintain an annual high quality output for a decade, but here I find, for the first time, with The Hyperion Machine a Rome album that comes off as lackluster. (more…)

King Dude – Songs of Flesh & Blood – In the Key of Light

One should not judge an album by its cover—even one as cheap as King Dude’s Songs of Flesh & Blood – In the Key of Light, the successor to the lackluster Fear. King Dude’s sound has changed significantly over the years and this new release is far from its raw, occultist, black metal/neo-folk-influenced beginnings, while the American rockabilly and (more…)


Enrique Bunbury – Flamingos

Enrique Bunbury is one of the biggest rock stars in the Spanish speaking world. He was the vocalist of Spain’s well-known rock band Heroes del Silencio. Once that band decided their time was over, Bunbury pursued a solo career. Flamingos is his third solo album and one of his finest pieces of work. This album covers lots of ground musically, ranging from various styles of rock, tango, cabaret, and full of tropical, orchestral and electronic elements. Flamingos opens with El Club de los Imposibles, which sounds like a party song with trumpets and tubas. The core of the song consists of some fun rock ‘n roll with prominent bass lines and trumpets. The second track, , shifts gears by (more…)


Ghost – If You Have Ghost (EP)

Ghost (Ghost B.C. in the US) is a crazy rock band from Sweden, who have an interesting gimmick. The band consists of 6 total members, 5 of which are called “Nameless Ghouls” while the lead singer is Papa Emeritus II, who comes out on stage dressed as a somewhat satanic version of a pope. The nameless ghouls all have their faces covered with a mask and dress all the same, while Papa Emeritus basically preaches to his followers (sings), which are the audience viewers. It is actually really cool. Ghost plays a blend of heavy metal and basic rock, which a comparison to the musical style of Blue Oyster Cult is pretty fair. The band R.E.M. also comes to mind when hearing Emeritus’ vocals, (more…)


CKY – Infiltrate•Destroy•Rebuild

CKY is an alternative metal band from West Chester, Pennsylvania, which is fronted by Deron Miller. Also, Jesse Margera is the drummer of the band, notable for being the older brother of Bam Margera of MTV’s show Jackass. Initially, when I had heard of the band CKY many years ago, I was put off immediately, associating it with the stupidity of the CKY films themselves, and the humor of Jackass, putting this band on the backburner. However, around 2004 or 2005 I had rented some wrestling video game, and on the special unlockables there was a video for the song Attached At The Hip on it. I checked it out and from there, I was instantly hooked. These guys are serious, and nothing like (more…)


Shearwater – Animal Joy

Shearwater has become among my favorite bands over the past several years. Their most recent album, Animal Joy, marked a shift in sound after the majestic art-rock of the Island Arc Trilogy albums, Palo Santo, Rook, and The Golden Archipelago. On Animal Joy, Shearwater scales back their majesty in favor of a more straight-forward rockier approach. It is (more…)


Peccatum – The Moribund People (EP)

Peccatum (latin for “sin”) is a group consisting of Ihsahn and his wife Ihreil, AKA starofash. The Moribund People is the final release by them under this moniker, as they had decided to disband the Peccatum project following this. It is a shame really, as The Moribund People is one of the best releases by the group. This EP consists of 3 tracks of exquisite music, clocking in at around 18 minutes. As you may know, I really like Ihsahn’s vocal style, as well as his wife’s. They are vastly different, yet co-mingle extremely well (more…)


Shearwater – Rook

Shearwater has been one of my favorite finds over the past few years. They are an artsy “indie” band from Texas, led by vocalist Jonathon Meiburg. Shearwater began as a project by Okkervil River vocalist, Will Sheff, and Meiburg, who was also keyboardist for Okkervil River. Sheff was involved in their first three albums, but beginning with the album Palo Santo, Shearwater became primarily Meiburg’s project. With this change, Shearwater greatly increased in quality. Rook is Shearwater’s fifth album, second under (more…)

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