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Cesar Saez – Perdido

Over the summer I was able to see Adan & Xavi y los Imanes, a project of Adan Jodorowsky, live at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. Among the openers was Cesar Saez, an upcoming singer-songwriter in the Latino scene in LA. Although showing inexperience in live presentation, Cesar Saez and his Viajeros put on quite an impressive show that seemed to win over the crowd. Playing what he terms as indie bolero, I knew that this was an artist that warranted my attention as I later eagerly awaited the release of his debut EP, Perdido. (more…)

J. Tillman – Year in the Kingdom

Sometimes all good music needs is an acoustic guitar and a decent voice to be incredibly effective. That is very much the case with J. Tillman and his prior solo albums before his reincarnation as Father John Misty. Before and during Tillman’s brief time as Fleet Foxes’ drummer, Tillman crafted a number of solo acoustic albums that seeped with melancholy and earthy tones. (more…)


Steve von Till – A Life Unto Itself

An elementary school teacher who happens to be a member one of sludge and post-metal’s juggernauts is indeed a life unto itself. Thus is the title of Neurosis vocalist/guitarist Steve von Till’s fourth solo album. A Life Unto Itself continues with the brooding folk template of its predecessors, yet sounds even more refined than before. Steve von Till (more…)


Leonard Cohen – Popular Problems

Even at eighty years of age, Canada’s Leonard Cohen is still at the top of his game, albeit with a smoky raspy voice that has taken the toll of age. Cohen was forced out of retirement and back into making music and touring after his financial manager screwed him up. This new era is a far cry from Cohen’s glory days from the late 1960s and early 70s, yet his recent musical explorations have steadily improved leading to his newest release, Popular Problems. (more…)


David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble – Sliding the Same Way

Hailing from Otley, which is near Leeds in England, David Thomas Broughton has teamed up with Juice Vocal Ensemble on the album Sliding the Same Way. David Thomas Broughton is an interesting “indie” folk musician with an uncanny vocal and musical style. (more…)


Songs: Ohia – Ghost Tropic

The music world lost a big name last year in 2013 with Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. fame. Molina was a master at melancholic lo-fi folk and his work has influenced numerous others since. My favorite album that Molina was involved with was Ghost Tropic under the Songs: Ohia moniker. (more…)


Nacho Vegas – Desaparezca Aqui

Over the past several years, Nacho Vegas has become one of my favorite musical artists. His third album–Desaparezca Aqui—is probably one of those five albums I would take to me to a deserted island type of album, although it would be a difficult choice between this album and his Cajas De Música Dificiles De Parar double-album. Regardless of that choice, there is a good chance this album would drive me to drown my sorrows in the oceans surrounding that aforementioned desert island. (more…)


Steve von Till – A Grave is a Grim Horse

svt grave grim horse

The singer-songwriter is a classic and timeless musical form that simply requires a guitar and a voice. In many ways, it is the foundation of guitar-based music and one that can appeal to anyone. Steve von Till is a member of sludge, post-metal band Neurosis, who has also recorded some solo acoustic albums, as did his bandmate Scott Kelly. A Grave is a Grim Horse is Steve von Till’s most recent solo album and a good one at that. Most of the eleven songs that make up this album are fairly similar. You can expect von Till’s (more…)


Damien Jurado – Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun

Damien Jurado has gone through numerous changes in sound since his humble beginnings. His early albums were melancholic acoustic works, but over time, his music has taken on more and more layers of sound. Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun—Jurado’s most recent album—continues in the vein of Maraqopa with its semi-psychedelic atmosphere created by keyboards (more…)


Nacho Vegas – El Género Bobo (EP)

El Género Bobo is among the several quality EPs by Spanish singer-songwriter Nacho Vegas. His EPs are often equally as good as the full-length albums they share recording sessions with. In many ways, they feel like mini-albums. Much of El Género Bobo is standard Nacho Vegas; therefore the high quality and Vegas’ very nasal vocals are expected. This EP opens with Como en los Erizos, which is mostly noise and a description by Vegas on why love was invented—to share pain. Nacho Vegas’ songs tend to have a bit of (more…)