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Dark Filth Fraternity – Revolution Design

Typically I don’t generally listen to Stoner Metal. That genre sounds similar throughout with no real distinction between bands (at least from what I’ve heard). Fireball Ministry is the only band that I listen to in that genre. That is until I heard Dark Filth Fraternity. Dark Filth Fraternity (or DFF) have been around for awhile with Revolution Design being their third full length. With Panu Willman of Before the Dawn fame fronting the band, DFF is a breath of fresh air for the genre. While Revolution Design came out of nowhere for me, it is perhaps their strongest effort to date.


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Fireball Ministry – The Second Great Awakening

From Los Angeles, California, Fireball Ministry is a stoner metal/hard rock band that plays fun music with a southern vibe. I had listened to this album a lot many years ago while visiting a friend in Arkansas, and so it does hold a special place with me. (more…)