Category: Synth

Portopia 81 – Cosmic City Serenade

Hiroshi Mizuno’s Portopia ’81 quickly rose as one of my favorite synth electronic artists. After focusing on Mizuno’s later works, I decided to step back through his discography and take a look at his earliest release under the Portopia name.


Portopia ’81 – Jet Stream

Hypnotic dreamlike synthscape. Thus is the best way to describe Portopia ’81’s newest release Jet Stream. When I picked up Stardust Memory last year, I began to listen to new age synthesizer music more than ever before. Stardust Memory was my gateway into this type of music, so it brings me great joy to see Hiroshi Mizuno’s next release so soon. Jet Stream is a tape released on Constellation Tatsu, a label known for releasing experimental and ambient electronic music. (more…)


Sven Atterton – The Cove

Where do I begin? While I was on this musical genre switch up I was traveling through last year, going from melodic death metal to ambient synth laden music, I ended up getting into some funk. I ran across the label Omega Supreme Records on Bandcamp, and found Sven Atterton. Based in London, Atterton plays an interesting blend of funk mixed with synth laden soundscapes that are awe inspiring. (more…)


Pulse Emitter – Alien Vacation

Well, its 2015 and its about time I got up off my ass (or rather sit down on it) and write a new recommendation. Based in Portland, Oregon, Pulse Emitter is an interesting synth project by Daryl Groetsch. Perusing Bandcamp, I stumbled upon this wondrous album Alien Vacation, and was entranced almost immediately. Released in Summer of 2014, this short five track album is an interesting piece of work. (more…)