Category: Technical Death Metal

Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep of Reason

People listen to and interpret music in a variety of ways. Some are lyrically or vocally based; others are influenced by atmosphere and mood, while others analyze its composition and structure, etc. One band that very much appeals to those that break down song structure and time signatures is Swedish metal titan Meshuggah. This band has long been at the forefront of technical death metal and the djent subgenre that they have inspired with their relentless auditory assault full of odd-time signatures and machine-like rhythms that has spanned two decades. This is continued and reinforced with their sixth full-length, The Violent Sleep of Reason. (more…)

Conquering Dystopia – Conquering Dystopia

Conquering Dystopia is a band that seeks to conquer you. They are, in essence, a supergroup consisting of former Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow, The Faceless’ drummer Alex Rüdinger, and Cannibal Corpse’s bassist Alex Webster. I discovered this band as a result of following Keith Merrow’s solo work, which is in the home-produced djent metal style of bands like Cloudkicker. Conquering Dystopia is a relentless assault of technical metal that sounds like a more progressive and technical amalgamation of Jeff Loomis’ guitar playing meshed with Keith Merrow’s style, alongside blistering drums and bass by Alex Rüdinger and Alex Webster, respectively. Prelude to Obliteration (more…)


Gojira – From Mars to Sirius

Who would have thought that an album about whales and the environment could be so brutally heavy? France’s Gojira with From Mars to Sirius lays down one of the heaviest albums I listen to. Gojira plays a very heavy style of technical death metal that pounds you into submission and urges you to save the environment at the same time. From Mars to Sirius also has an exogenesis, or panspermia, concept running throughout the album. This concept posits the idea that life originated elsewhere in the universe and made it to Earth in the distant past. (more…)