Category: Thrash Metal

Gojira – From Mars to Sirius

Who would have thought that an album about whales and the environment could be so brutally heavy? France’s Gojira with From Mars to Sirius lays down one of the heaviest albums I listen to. Gojira plays a very heavy style of technical death metal that pounds you into submission and urges you to save the environment at the same time. From Mars to Sirius also has an exogenesis, or panspermia, concept running throughout the album. This concept posits the idea that life originated elsewhere in the universe and made it to Earth in the distant past. (more…)

Nembience – Through Times of Despair

Don’t you love it when a good band comes makes a great debut album, only to split up after that? Such is the case for the band Nembience from Denmark. Their one and only full length, Through Times of Despair, was released in 2010, only to have the band split up a couple of years later. This album has aggression, speed, solos, and everything else you would want out of this style of music. (more…)