Category: Trip Hop

Tralalí Lalá – Tramontana

Tralalí Lalá’s first full-length album was an album I have definitely been looking forward to since I discovered them—actually they discovered me by randomly following me on Twitter. Their self-titled debut EP demonstrated profound potential for this trip-hop trio out of Mexico City and Tramontana places them as the beacon of the future for Mexican underground music, yet a disclaimer of my ignorance of Mexican underground music is required. (more…)

Manes – Be All End All

It seems that the members of Manes have forgotten to take their medication and have released their first album of new material since 2007’s How the World Came to an End. In fact, Be All End All was in production in 2008, but the band instead went into hiatus. Finally, in 2013, the band got back together and decided to finish up this album. Be All End All continues to see Manes explore their psychotic brand of experimental music that features trip-hop, electronics, glimmers of metal, along with various other genres. (more…)


Theodor Bastard – Oikoumene

Recently I discovered this interesting Russian band that blends eastern ethnic music with a variety of other genres, such as trip-hop, into an enchanting and mystical whole. This band is called Theodore Bastard and the album I chose to initially traverse their sonic world was Oikoumene, which was released in 2012. Oikoumene is an exquisite hour-long piece of work that takes the listener on a spiritual journey crawling with eastern sounds with occasional interludes of subtle electronics and contemporary instrumentation. (more…)


Massive Attack – Mezzanine

Massive Attack’s Mezzanine is a classic trip-hop album and a great place to start to check out the group. Massive Attack is a British trip-hop band that incorporates hip hop beats and a variety of other genres into their own chill, laid-back style. Mezzanine has a darker tone than their other albums, but it is there best album in my opinion. Mezzanine opens with Angel with its slow hip-hop beat as ethereal vocals and prominent bass envelop the song. The entire album has this hypnotic and laid-back atmosphere, while a variety of genres are sampled in each of the songs. The vocals range from singing to almost rapping. That is the essence of this album and much of the album shares these traits. (more…)


Lethe – When Dreams Become Nightmares

Lethe is the project spawned from the collaboration between Eluveitie’s Anna Murphy and Manes’ Tor-Helge Skei. The debut album, When Dreams Become Nightmares, shares a sound very similar to that of the experimental metal trip-hop of contemporary Manes. That psychotic deranged sound is expanded further with the great vocals of Anna Murphy, who steps out of (more…)


The Gathering – Home

The Gathering’s Home album was their eighth album and the last to feature the renowned Anneke van Giersbergen on vocals. Home is a bit stripped down compared to other albums by The Gathering, but it is full of atmosphere and some trip hop style sounds. There are not as many layers of music and the amount of instrumentation is kept minimal. Home opens with Shortest Day, which is probably the poppiest track on the album. Much of the album is more atmospheric and has minimal instrumentation accompanied by (more…)


Tralalí Lalá – Tralalí Lalá (EP)

On one of the rare times I decided to check my Twitter account, I noticed this group from Mexico followed me. I decided to check Tralalí Lalá out and it was a good decision. Tralalí Lalá is a trip hop trio from Mexico City, with vocals by Citlalli García, Kleemp on guitars/electronics, and Eric Vazquez on bass/guitars. This self-titled EP is their only release, with a full album on the way, but Tralalí Lalá show a lot of promise. (more…)