Christopher Peacock – Island Time

Digging through my local thrift store music section, I ran across a cassette tape with a cool cover of a piano and string bass in water. It had a  minimalistic art style that caught my attention. Costing only a dime, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this purchase and took the plunge without knowing a thing about the tape. When I got home, I threw the tape in and did some research, and soon discovered something very neat.

Christopher Peacock is a pianist, who began releasing albums in the late 80’s. Island Time is one of those releases, containing piano-laden tracks of naturist tranquility. There are nine beautifully composed tracks on this album, with a couple of them being Peacock’s own performance of classical compositions such as Bach’s Cantata and Chopin’s Opus 28, No 4. Peacock’s own tracks on the album are highly influenced by such classical composers, which are beautifully written and very soothing on the ears. This album has an assortment of instruments in the well-arranged compositions, such as oboe, English horn, string bass, slide guitar, cello, and even ocarina to name a few. Nancy Rumbel does a great job with the Ocarina on Aoelian which I feel is one of the best songs on the album. Melemai is another exquisite song with an alluring melody with layers of piano. The title track Island Time consists of a distinct island sound with piano and guitar carrying it through. It is a very tranquil song. I really enjoyed all of the songs on this tape.

Overall, Christopher Peacock is an exceptional composer and piano player, and the album Island Time is a great addition to anyone looking for some classically influenced compositions that are serene. The tunes are great for those looking for a relaxing music to unwind to or vacation with. I recommend checking it out.

Genre: Classical, New Age
Label: Pure & Simple Music
Location: Madison, WI; United States
Release: 1989
Purchase: Pure & Simple Music

1. Aeolian
2. Cantata
3. The Rain and the Flower
4. Melemai
5. Prelude
6. Island Time
7. Reunion
8. Variation on Clair de lune
9. Reflections

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