circle of ouroborus cast to the pits

Circle of Ouroborus – Cast to the Pits

Imagine yourself in a dark and ominous forest, with a campfire flickering and the flames pushing back the advancing fog. In one hand you have a jar of mead, and nearby a small stereo with poor sound quality plays Cast To The Pits by Circle Of Ouroborus. Cast to the Pits is a full length album released in 2010 by the group, consisting of Antti Klemi on vocals and Atvar providing all instrumentals. The group’s sound is very hard to explain overall, with each release changing in style. This album here is a very raw, medieval folk album that seems as if it were recorded on a cassette tape within a dark cave in the early 1600’s. The music is acoustically driven, lo-fi, and contains a mysitical sound. Vocalist Klemi has an oddly monotonous voice that is out of tune many times, but works exceedingly well here. It provides a soothing ambiance to the anciently styled tracks contained on this album. Notable tracks include You Are A Sleeping Ghost Like Me, which begins with Klemi’s hauntingly sung vocals backed by raspy growls. This track is very ritualistic in tone and is one of my favorites. Remnants of a King is my top choice on the album, which have some really cool vocals describing the demise of a time-worn kingdom. The melody is truly captivating. The whole album is  a masterpiece that is worth a listen. It is the album that made me a true fan of Circle of Ouroborus, and I do consider it one of my favorite albums of all time.

Genre: Experimental Black Metal; Acoustic
Label: Infinite Wisdom Productions; Kuunpalvelus
Location: Tampere, Finland
Release: June 23rd, 2010
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1. Dawn Piper
2. The Longest Wave
3. Hear The Pulse
4. You Are A Sleeping Ghost Like Me
5. Between Light and Shadow
6. Wind Rhyme
7.  Mercury Blood
8. Remnants of A King
9. From Chaldean Coffins

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