Circle of Ouroborus – Hiljaiset Sanat


Here we are with another Circle of Ouroborus review, this time a full length album from 2010 titled Hiljaiset Sanat, which roughly translates to “The Quiet Words”. This album is released the same year as my favorite album of theirs thus far, Cast to the Pits, and I must say that this album is very much to my liking. It is pretty tough to review these guys’ music, but I will do my best. Here we have a heavily bluesy-folk album, which resembles songs that would be heard at a campfire, during dusk in a forest. This album is in Finnish language, and from what I can understand, sounds as though it is a story being told. Song lengths vary a little, but are roughly pretty long between the 9 – 13 minute mark. This album only has 4 songs total. This album is much better produced than some of their previous efforts as well, in terms of the quality of sound and production. All of the tracks are highly repetitive (in a good way), with consistent guitars and flutes, as well as what sounds like bells or “twinkles”. This album is calming and peaceful in a dark, melancholic way. Antti Klemi has an extremely interesting voice, which sounds quite monotone but works exceedingly well with the style of music Circle of Ouroborus is known for. It adds an extremely haunting atmosphere to the tracks. Every song can be recommended by me, but if I had to pick one favorite, it would probably be the final track, Luulin etsiväni kuolemaa. It is another slow, meandering track on the album, in which the vocals seem much louder and prominent than on any of the others. The song is very eerie and gives a great sense of despair. Overall, this here is another great album, and of course with an open mind, highly recommended by me.

Country: Finland
Genre: Experimental Black Metal, Acoustic
Label: Kuunpalvelis
Release: January 21st, 2010

1. Uni kyystä
2. Hahmo puiden takana
3. Rikottuja lupauksia
4. Luulin etsiväni kuolemaa

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