Circle of Ouroborus – Kuninkaan Tieltä [Demo]

I finally have the honor of reviewing the obscure Demo Kuninkaan Tieltä, released by the experimental duo known as Circle of Ouroborus. Released in 50 copies only given to personal friends of Antti Klemi (Vocals, Lyrics) and Rauta (All Instruments), I had to pay over $80 for this tape on Discogs. It was definitely worth my money. While the tape only contains five songs, these five songs are some of the best tracks Circle of Ouroborus have put out.

I was very excited to throw this tape in, and listen to it unfold. Maan Pyörivät Piirit opens with ritualistic tribal drumming, and Klemi’s vocals unfurl as if telling a story. Being a release completely in Finnish, I have no idea what is being said, but it retains the spirit of being in a forest at night as many of their tracks do for me. The song is lo-fi and spooky, with ominous sounds gathering in the darkness. Matoja is next, with guitars that build as if ascending a staircase. Gloominess fills the song with buzzing guitars, Klemi’s spoken yowling, and acoustic guitar breakdowns with (I believe) Rauta’s demonic screams. A music box starts playing about midway through the song, fading into obscurity. Then out of nowhere, heavy acoustic guitar comes in and picks up where it left off. This is definitely my favorite song on the tape.

Murtunut Valo (A Broken Light) is the next song, which was previously released on Adamantine Discipline And Laissez-Faire Yantra in 2012. While largely unchanged from that release, the song seems to have been mixed better and is more refined than the original. This song is another slow, plodding track with the same mixture of singing and screaming throughout. It is a lighter song again with buzzing ominous guitars that create a murky atmosphere. The next song, Piilopaikka, is a groovy song that is more lively that what has been heard previously. It has a catchy sound and is great. Suusta Mullaksi is the final track, which is actually much like Piilopaikka in terms of style. It is more animated and peppy instrumentally than the depression you can feel in the first few songs.

I am extremely happy with this tape and highly recommend it to Circle of Ouroborus fans. Even after dropping $80 on Kuninkaan Tieltä, I feel I have gotten my money’s worth. This release has yet to be leaked onto the internet and remains an underground novelty of my favorite band.

Genre: Experimental Black Metal, Acoustic
Tampere, Finland
June 2014

1. Maan Pyörivät Piirit
2. Matoja
3. Murtunut Valo
4. Piilopaikka
5. Suusta Mullaksi


  • Death Fractal says:

    I don’t suppose there’s any chance I could get a tape rip is there? I love CoO and I’m dying to hear this tape, but it’s impossible to track down – physical or digital.

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