Circle of Ouroborus – Kuuhun Kahlittu

coo kuuhuun

Circle of Ouroborus is back with their first full length album of 2014. Kuuhun Kahlittu, which translates to “Chained To The Moon”, is a vinyl release containing 7 exquisitely produced tracks featuring the harsher sound the band was known for earlier in their career (albeit much better produced). The tracks are solid, with many throwbacks to various points in their catalog, from the clean folk guitar introduction in Ajanlasku, to the distorted screaming heard on Sokeaa Valkoista. Antti Klemi (vocals) is known for his varying vocal styles, containing odd clean singing with an almost chanting-like aura, as well as his grim, goblin-esque screams. This release contains a mixture of the two, but does have the majority featuring the goblin-style. It is great to see these two vocal styles being switched back and forth on the songs. Atvar (guitars, drums) is again a master of instruments, with great melodies and crushing guitars which do well to drive this album forward. Like many of the band’s releases, this does take a few listens to fall into place, and would take some time to get into. When I had first started getting into this band, it was like this for me as well, and I expected no less on this release. The acoustic, folky introductions and interludes littered throughout are truly beautiful. The grimacing remainder, with Klemi’s intense vocals and all out craziness is a breath of fresh air. This album is definetely what I have been waiting for. Of course, highly recommended. I will find myself listening to this thing countless times, as and I can only speak positive on what my ears have heard.

Genre: Experimental Black Metal
Label: Kuunpalvelus
Location: Tampere, Finland
Release: March 2014


1. Petos
2. Antaa kaaoksen tanssia
3. Ajanlasku
4. Talven naamio
5. Sokeaa valkoista
6. Kehdonkeinuttaja
7. Untitled

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