Circle of Ouroborus – Rajanveto (EP)

circle ouroborus rajanveto

Rajanveto is another release by the mysterious Circle of Ouroborus. Released in 2013, Rajanveto, which translates into English as “Drawing The Line”, is a dark, yet upbeat release. Antti Klemi continues to provide mysteriously odd, strange vocals that again compliment the music passages quite well.  This is a pure Finnish language release, and the vocals sound as though Klemi is continuously speaking, chanting, or whatever you will call it. The songs have a very dark tone, yet are also upbeat compared to the group’s other releases around the same time period. Atvar, instrumentalist, does an excellent job of making the album very joyful, yet melancholy at the same time. This is a 4 track EP with songs averaging 5 minutes each. Opening track Elamänpuu ja tuonenvirta sets the overall style of this release, which has many moments of twangy guitar, Klemi’s odd vocal style,  and great melodies. Hautaan valmis follows, beginning with a very slow crawling intro of guitar strums, but quickly picks up the pace bringing the same sound as the first track. I could swear that the drum beat heard throughout the track is the same as in the opening, but hey, if it works it works. At one point, the bass gets very heavy and is the prominent sound, followed by it dropping out and the lead comes twanging right along, which is a very nice touch. The next song on the list, Synnit pois, is more of the same with the bass playing a prominent role throughout. Closing us out we have Kalmisto (Graveyard), which almost sounds like the wild west at times. The main riffing in the song, to me, brings to mind the image of a horse with a cowboy riding along chasing down a train. Again, the twanginess of guitar and haunting melodies and vocals really display on this song. Yet again, we have a winner in my book, as this group has been growing on me a lot and is becoming more enjoyable the deeper I get into their sound. I recommend looking them up, and don’t be put off if you hate what you hear, as if you do find another album or EP by them, it will most likely be vastly different.

Genre: Experimental Black Metal, Acoustic
Label: Kuunpalvelus
Location: Tampere, Finland
Release: May 2013

1. Elamänpuu Ja Tuonenvirta
2. Hautaan Valmis
3. Synnit Pois
4. Kalmisto

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