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Circle of Ouroborus is an oddity in the periphery of the black metal world. The influence of that genre is evident, yet they are not entirely in it. Circle of Ouroborus has released a plethora of albums in a short span. My reviewer compatriot on this exquisite website introduced me to this band several years ago and my interest was quickly peaked by their odd sound and peculiar vocals. Unituli, one of their several 2010 albums, is the Ouroborus album that I keep finding myself going back to.

Each Circle of Ouroborus album is quite similar to one another, yet at the same time different and unique. Generally, the quality of production or the balance between black metal and neo-folk styles is the difference. Unituli opts for droning atmosphere and muffled instrumentation. The songs ebb and flow between neo-folk, black metal, and even some post-punk. The opening track of Pimeälle Valolle pretty much defines the essence of the album. Droning atmosphere, mixed with the raw production, muffled instrumentation and Antti Klemi’s seemingly tired and wailing vocals lend themselves to a trance-like hypnotization. Klemi’s vocals echo and reverb throughout the piece, reflecting Atvar’s murky instrumentation. The black metal keyboard style provides a backdrop to the black metal-tinged neo-folk and post-punk. The rest of the songs on Unituli share these characteristics and merely fluctuate relative to the degree of growled vocals, slow, almost doom-ish segments, and punk rhythms.

Fans of Circle of Ouroborus will know what to expect of Unituli. This album has more of a trance-like atmosphere, yet retains the essential Ouroborus sound. This band indeed has a unique sound, which necessitates their recognition, and continues to explore their niche sound. In essence, they are black metal without the black metal, but with enough of it to be associated with the genre. This, coupled with a sort of neo-folk acoustic aesthetic, and subtle post-punk and punk rhythms, are really the best ways to describe Circle of Ouroborus.

Genre: Experimental Black Metal, Neofolk
Country: Finland
Label: Kuunpalvelus
Release: December 3, 2010

1. Pimeälle Valolle
2. Maanalainen Kuningas
3. Tornit
4. Unohduksen Puistossa
5. Lahoan
6. Kylmä Virta Laulaa
7. Aamusta
8. Yöhön

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