CKY – Infiltrate•Destroy•Rebuild

CKY is an alternative metal band from West Chester, Pennsylvania, which is fronted by Deron Miller. Also, Jesse Margera is the drummer of the band, notable for being the older brother of Bam Margera of MTV’s show Jackass. Initially, when I had heard of the band CKY many years ago, I was put off immediately, associating it with the stupidity of the CKY films themselves, and the humor of Jackass, putting this band on the backburner. However, around 2004 or 2005 I had rented some wrestling video game, and on the special unlockables there was a video for the song Attached At The Hip on it. I checked it out and from there, I was instantly hooked. These guys are serious, and nothing like the acts I had associated them with. Infiltrate•Destroy•Rebuild is the band’s second full length album, released in 2002. This album is full of extremely solid music, with groovy alternative metal, tight clean vocals from Miller, and is honestly one of the most cohesive-sounding albums I have ever heard. All of the songs flow excellently and really stand together on this album, nothing sounding out of place. The songs have this slight southern vibe to them, which is actually difficult to explain and must be heard to understand. Escape from Hellview is a great introduction, with a cool groovy opening riff, followed by some fantastic lyrics and chorus.  Attached At The Hip, which what had gotten me into the band in the first place, is a nifty song with whispered lyrics by Miller, which grow on you throughout the song. Frenetic Amnesic is another cool track, with a neat intro that, when listened intently, has many small little details that are really well done, such as the drumming, guitars, and electronics, and how they all flow so well together. Close Yet Far is the softest song present, with a calming peaceful acoustic guitar supporting Miller’s solid clean voice. I can really say that this album is wonderful and I am glad I had given it a chance back in the day, as I maybe would not be where I am in my music listening if not for this. It is a solid, superbly crafted piece of music and should be given a chance, even if you still think its not for you. I spent an entire summer of my life growing up on this album, and maybe you should do the same.

Genre: Alternative Metal, Rock
Label: Island Def Jam
Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Release: September 24th, 2002


1. Escape From Hellview
2. Flesh Into Gear
3. Sink Into The Underground
4. Attached At The Hip
5. Frenetic Amnesic
6. Shock And Terror
7. Plastic Plan
8. Inhuman Creation Station
9. Sporadic Movement
10. Close Yet Far

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