ColdWorld – Autumn

Eight years. That is the length of time that has passed awaiting the successor to Melancholie²–the stellar debut of ColdWorld, the atmospheric black metal project of Georg Bӧrner. The inherent danger of such a time lapse is the prospect of being forgotten; however, with Autumn—an album that is more than worth the wait–ColdWorld erases all doubts and reestablishes their place within depressive atmospheric black metal.

The passage of time has done little to quell ColdWorld’s melancholically-intense style of atmospheric black metal. The deceptively quiet guitar that introduces album opener Scars soon erupts into a flurry of blast beats and agonized screams, immersed in a cold atmospheric backdrop shaped by keyboards and violins. Later the dynamic clashing of cymbals complements the utilization of clean vocals, which are more prominent throughout Autumn. Despite the apparent agony, there is a sense of optimism carried by the violins and graceful atmosphere. Scars demonstrates that ColdWorld can still be as epic and grandiose, although now not as immersed in anguish, but instead with a glimmer of hope, however slight.

While Melancholie² was an album stark in desolation and solitude, Autumn is an album that subtly breaks beyond the confines of melancholy. Void, with its soaring cold atmosphere and agonized screams, is contrasted by graceful female vocals that give solace. Womb of Emptiness begins with an abysmal atmosphere, slow, plodding drums, clean vocals, to lead into glorious misery, a barrage of blast beats, and grandeur. Nightfall courses along with its epic rhythm and pummeling drums, but with a sense of elation, culmination, and closure. The sinister guitar rhythm in Climax of Sorrow is joined by mournful, gut-wrenched screams and cries—a stark contrast to the preceding The Wind and the Leaves, a gentle acoustic piece replete with violin solos. There is a sense of hope that permeates Autumn, that lends to its epic, uplifting aura, which distinguishes it from its predecessor. The agony and misery that defined Melancholie² is still very strong in Autumn, but there is a discernible struggle between despair and hope here.

Georg Bӧrner has again crafted a superb release that stands out amongst a genre increasing oversaturated by derivative clones. ColdWorld is able to expand their sound, upping the degree of gravitas and epicness, while maintaining a desolate atmosphere full of shrill screams, blast beats, and crushing guitars. Autumn is another fine addition to ColdWorld’s discography, a worthy successor to Melancholie², and an album that demands the attention of fans of atmospheric black metal. Let’s just hope that the next album is a much shorter wait.

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Black Metal, Depressive Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Cold Dimensions
Release: July 15, 2016

1. Scars
2. Void
3. Womb Of Emptiness
4. Autumn Shades
5. The Wind And The Leaves
6. Climax Of Sorrow
7. Nightfall
8. Escape II

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