Coldworld – Melancholie²

Coldworld was among my first introductions into the realm of depressive atmospheric black metal and, although, many bands share a similar style, Coldworld has managed to maintain my attention. Coldworld is the brainchild of Georg Börner of Germany, who composes all of the instrumentation and vocals. Melancholie² is currently the only full-length release, but a mighty fine release at that–perfectly apt for nights stuck in a blizzard or those tortuous nights of solitude. Dream of a Dead Sun opens the album with some slow chiming sounds before the guitars and drums typical of atmospheric black metal take hold, as well as the shrill agonizing screams of Georg Börner. Blast beats intensify the song as later icy chiming keyboards distinguish themselves from underneath multiple layers of chaos. Tortured by Solitude—the definite highlight of the album—begins with tormented violin piercing the cold ambient atmosphere. Double bass drums and repetitive guitar rhythms, reminiscent of the hypnotizing nature of early Katatonia, take the listener away into this cold world agonized by this blizzard of solitude. Throughout much of this album, I imagine a starving shirtless black metal man screaming in agony while stuck in a blizzard. Although that image is quite comedic, the music of Coldworld is serious in nature. Winterreise is an exquisitely beautiful atmospheric keyboard piece that exponentially augments the icy nature of the album. Coldworld’s brand of atmospheric black metal courses throughout the rest of the album as after a long build up in Red Snow, graceful and agonized black metal continues on. Hymn to Eternal Frost reintroduces violins, but eloquently combines them with black metal guitar and double-bass drums. Finally, Melancholie² ends with an instrumental Escape. Blasphemous electronic effects, coupled with the usual cold atmospherics, open the song. Later, drums, guitars, and violin intensify the track and lead into a majestic outro. Melancholie² is a fine album in the genre of atmospheric black metal and depressive black metal. Georg Börner has done an excellent job in conveying agony into musical form, making Melancholie² a crucial album for any atmospheric black metal fan’s music collection. Coldworld is long overdue for a second full-length, but that wait should not be too much longer.

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Depressive Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Cold Dimensions
Release: March 28, 2008

1. Dream Of A Dead Sun
2. Tortured By Solitude
3. Winterreise
4. Schmerzensschreie
5. Red Snow
6. Stille
7. Hymn To Eternal Frost
8. My Dead Bride
9. Escape

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