Conrad Wedde – Space World

Conrad Wedde is an artist from New Zealand. Perusing Bandcamp, I was drawn to this release. With the style of the cover art being a minimalistic and cool piece, I had to check it out. Wedde, known for his work with indie progressive rock band The Phoenix Foundation, uses this solo album to craft a whole different style of music. Space World is an album that submerses the listener in a dreamy atmosphere. The 6 songs here are primarily calm and peaceful tunes. Cassandra is an excellent introduction to this release, with its beautiful acoustic guitar intro, creating a surreal soundscape the listener can get lost in. Frozen Bones is another great track, with sedative ambiance and acoustics that puts your mind at ease. Title track Space World is perhaps the strongest, with an alluring mixture of synth, acoustics and light bongos that create a gentle, alluring tune. I would recommend this for those into peaceful easy listening, with meditative styles. Very highly recommended.

Genre: Electronic, Ambient, New Age
Label: Field Hymns
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Release: March 21st, 2014


1. Cassandra
2. Cabby
3. Bambo
4. Frozen Bones
5. Islands
6. Space World

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