Crystal Wall – Crystal Wall (Demo)

crystal wall demo

Crystal Wall is a 5 piece Melodic Thrash Metal Band with Power metal-ish inspiration wrought throughout. Crystal Wall is their 2nd Demo, which is a pretty good record. It features 5 tracks of thrashy metal complete with male screaming vocals and female singing vocals. The male vocals are raspy and hard to discern, while the female vocals are what stand out, which are a nice harmonous singing. War Lust starts of as resembling that of a chugging train, and continues on for a few minutes until finally the vocals come in, very subtle grunting.  Then comes female vocalist Lionel’s vocals, which add some character to the track, followed by a lead solo. The song then adds in some electronics and gets your head banging. Fear No More is my favorite track on the demo, which starts with an opera-ish synthesizer intro, and then begins slamming the guitar in. Following, this, Lionel’s vocals come in, again adding a whole new layer of music as well as being backed by male vocalist Olivier. The song is the high point of this release. Following this, The Arrival begins, with a somber, eerie intro full of mystery. It then starts off with some thrashy power metallish inspired tune. It sounds a bit disjointed, but works great. The vocals on this one for Lionel are great again, but Olivier’s vocals are kind of muffled and don’t sound that great. The song still have a catchy tune and is pretty good. Final track At the End of… (Jamian) has prominent piano introducing the track, which becomes interlaced in a chugging guitar riff. The muffled growling of Olivier come in shortly after, and the pacing does change a bit as well. Lionel’s vocals on this track are extremely operatic and sound great. Also, the 12 minute ballad is littered with some really peaceful guitar solos as well, which sound wonderful. All in all, Crystal Wall is kind of an interesting group, and they are not great, but okay. I would recommend checking them out if you are looking for a band with some female vocals and are a little diffferent.

Genre: Melodic Power Metal, Melodic Thrash Metal
Label: None/Self Released
Location: Melun/Fontainebleau, Île-de-France, France
Release: 2006


1. Hostage (Intro)
2. War Lust
3. Fear No More
4. The Arrival
5. At The End of … (Jamian)

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