Dark Filth Fraternity – Revolution Design

Typically I don’t generally listen to Stoner Metal. That genre sounds similar throughout with no real distinction between bands (at least from what I’ve heard). Fireball Ministry is the only band that I listen to in that genre. That is until I heard Dark Filth Fraternity. Dark Filth Fraternity (or DFF) have been around for awhile with Revolution Design being their third full length. With Panu Willman of Before the Dawn fame fronting the band, DFF is a breath of fresh air for the genre. While Revolution Design came out of nowhere for me, it is perhaps their strongest effort to date.

Revolution Design was released in 2015 with little fanfare. I had only known of the album from a few social media posts by the band after searching them out, and it was their first release since 2008’s Breathe Again. Revolution Design is a strong album with solid guitar work, excellent vocals and groovy instrumentation. For You To Throw Away is a song that really shows why this band shines. It’s one of the slower tracks with a nice lead guitar intro. Willman’s vocals sound great and are more refined than ever before. The title track is also a strong one, with hard hitting guitars and drumming. It’s definitely one of the best songs on the album.

Speaking of better songs on the album, I tend to find the instrumental songs without vocals to be the best ones present. Anni is a great example of this which sets some nice atmosphere. It starts with a simple hi-hat and guitar melody and builds from there. Closing track Rhodesi is my favorite on the whole album, also another instrumental. I really like the melody and the style used which marches along throughout it’s 6.5 minute duration.

If you are into stoner metal or heavy metal in general, I recommend checking DFF out. The band has only gotten better with each release and Revolution Design is a great album to start with.

Genre: Stoner Metal, Heavy Metal
Label: Animalhouse
Location: Finland
Release: December 4th, 2015

1. A Shoutout!
2. Revolution Design
3. For You To Throw Away
4. Circles
5. Anni
6. So I Say
7. Watch The Stars Fall
8. State Of Grace
9. Reaching For The Sun
10. Clockwork
11. Rhodesi

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