David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble – Sliding the Same Way

Hailing from Otley, which is near Leeds in England, David Thomas Broughton has teamed up with Juice Vocal Ensemble on the album Sliding the Same Way. David Thomas Broughton is an interesting “indie” folk musician with an uncanny vocal and musical style. Much of his core sound consists of minimalistic acoustic guitar often accompanied by the use of looping cassette recordings. Juice Vocal Ensemble, on the other hand, consists of three females who perform a cappella vocals, as well as a variety of other vocal styles. Sliding the Same Way harks back to the minimalist sound of earlier David Thomas Broughton focusing on just his deep awkward vocals and simple, repetitive acoustic guitar, while the ladies of Juice provide a variety of different backing vocal styles. In Service starts off the album and features each of these aforementioned characteristics. The acoustic guitar is quite simple, while Broughton’s vocals sound characteristically awkward and the lyrics equally as ironic and humorous. The Assurance carries on in very similar fashion as layers of vocals and guitar build as the song progresses. Juice shows some of their vocal prowess on A Man to Call My Own as they hit some continuous high notes. The short Been a While is quite an interesting track that has quite a 60s R’n B feel as Juice provides instrumentation with vocal noises. Broughton continues with his trademark vocal and lyrical style on the humorous Unshaven Boozer, as well as the entire album. The title track closes out this album that continues to refine the style David Thomas Broughton has honed over the course of his musical explorations. The album, in general, is fairly slow-paced and quite reminiscent of early David Thomas Broughton. Juice Vocal Ensemble adds a nice touch as well. Fans of David Thomas Broughton will surely want to check this album out. As for everyone else, many may find this album a tad slow and boring, while others may find Broughton’s vocal and lyrical style something of interest. However, for those that find that this clicks for them should definitely come away content with this release. David Thomas Broughton is indeed a unique artist worth checking out by those interesting in strange folk music.

Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Freak Folk
Country: England
Label: Song By Toad Records
Release: September 22, 2014

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/156209404″ params=”color=798712″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

1 – In Service
2 – The Assurance
3 – A Man to Call My Own
4 – Been a While
5 – The Promise
6 – Woodwork
7 – Yorkshire Fog
8 – Oh, Nurse of Mine
9 – Unshaven Boozer
10 – Sliding the Same Way

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