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Disturbed went into hiatus after the conclusion to the tour cycle for their 2010 album Asylum. Shortly afterwards, vocalist David Draiman teamed up with former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo to work on a new project. This project came to be Device and it purports to be industrial and hard rock. The self-titled debut is a decent album, but it does not hold attention as well as Disturbed albums, which is a comparison difficult not to make. Draiman sings in the same style he utilizes in Disturbed, whereas, while the guitar work is similar in tone, it is slightly lower in quality. The songs are all in simple predictable structures and feature plenty of very low-tuned guitars that attempt to give it an industrial sound. The thick crunchy guitar tone is very monotone, which makes it difficult for them to be memorable. The first few songs are similar to Disturbed, but with a different guitar style. Vilify is a little generic and has quite repetitive lyrics at times. Close My Eyes Forever is actually an Ozzy Osbourne cover, which is very close to the original, and features Lzzy Hale of Halestorm for female vocals. Much of the songs on the second half of this album feature other artists and show a little experimentation. For example, Serj Tankian provides secondary vocals on Out of Line. However, Tankian sounds a little out of place on this song. He is often overpowered by both the music and Draiman. I like Tankian with System of a Down, but his voice is not as well-suited for this. Hunted has some more electronics and machine sound effects, but this song is basically The Animal part two from Disturbed’s Asylum album due to the same lyrical topic of werewolves. Apparently this song was made for a movie soundtrack, but not used. Opinion features some guitar work by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and Haze has Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows. I personally do not care for M. Shadows voice or persona, and the lyrical topic of playing live shows seems a bit forced. The album closes with Through It All, which features the wailing vocals of Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes. I am ignorant of this classic band, but his vocals sound exactly like Pain of Salvation’s Daniel Gildenlow to me on this song. Draiman does not really push himself in new directions as I was hoping. There are small things that are new vocally, but nothing revolutionary. Much of my words may seem negative, but this album is still quite enjoyable. Perhaps my nostalgia for Disturbed taints my reception of this album, but it seems to be lacking in replay value and too reliant on guest vocalists. This project does not strive to separate itself from Disturbed; therefore it is too easy to compare the two groups, although that is difficult when this vocalist is a distinct part of that sound. Had a more distinct sound been achieved, this album could have been significantly better. With that said, Device shows promise if it continues further and develops a unique sound—pending an ending to the hiatus of Disturbed. Fans of Disturbed should check this out depending on your opinion of Draiman.

Genre: Industrial, Hard Rock
Country: USA
Label: Warner Bros
Release: April 9, 2013

1. You Think You Know
2. Penance
3. Vilify
4. Close My Eyes Forever (feat. Lzzy Hale)
5. Out Of Line (feat. Serj Tankian & Terry “Geezer” Butler)
6. Hunted
7. Opinion (feat. Tom Morello)
8. War Of Lies
9. Haze (feat. M. Shadows)
10. Through It All (feat. Glenn Hughes)

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