Dread Sovereign – All Hell’s Martyrs

Dread Sovereign is a new band that involves Primordial vocalist, Alan Averill aka Nemtheanga, Primordial drummer, Dubh Sol, and Bones from Wizards on Firetop Mountain on guitars. As any side-project should be, Dread Sovereign has a much different sound than that of Primordial. It is still metal, but Dread Sovereign’s sound is predominately traditional doom metal. Their debut album, All Hell’s Martyrs, begins with the ambient sample piece Drink the Wine. The second song, Thirteen Clergy, takes up the sound that is to be expected for the rest of the album. Immediately, you will notice a different vocal style from Nemtheanga. His vocals range from Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath-type vocals to the passionate vocals heard in Primordial. He does not have the greatest of voices, but he definitely has a very passionate voice that conveys the appropriate emotion. The song, Pray to the Devil in Me, begins with what appears to be Latin, and then Nemtheanga utilizes some harsher/semi-growled vocals. Lyrically, the overall theme is quite anti-Church, with numerous references to Satan and criticisms of Christianity. These just seem to be a part of the aesthetic and image of the band. Musically, All Hell’s Martyrs has everything to be expected from doom metal—repetitive, heavy, and drawn out songs. There are some nice guitar solos spread out throughout the album, particularly on the last song. Because of this the second half of the album starts to wear away at you. The first half is definitely quite solid, but the effect begins to wear off as the album progresses, although there are still plenty of interesting moments. If you don’t like traditional doom metal, you may find this album boring. I have never had much interest in this style of doom metal, but I have been really enjoying this album. If you are a fan of Primordial, this is also worth checking out.

Genre: Traditional Doom Metal
Country: Ireland
Label: Van Records
Release: March 21, 2014

1. Drink The Wine
2. Thirteen Clergy
3. Cthulhu Opiate Haze
4. The Devil’s Venom
5. Pray To The Devil In Man
6. Scourging Iron
7. The Great Beast
8. We Wield The Spear Of Longinus
9. Cathars To Their Doom
10. All Hell’s Martyrs, Transmissions From The Devil Star

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