Drowning The Light – The Serpent’s Reign

I’ve been slowly getting into more and more raw black metal lately, and I’m not gonna lie: This badass epic album cover is what made me check out Drowning The Light’s album The Serpent’s Reign. First off, before even beginning my review, vocalist Azgorh looks extremely badass in damn near every picture I’ve ever seen of him. His photographer is amazing. Also, these guys are from Australia, which to me does not seem like the place where black metal would come from. Anyways, here we have Drowning The Light’s 6th full length album, and the first I have ever checked out of theirs. This album is very raw in sound, and mid paced marching style black metal. It is actually an extremely well made album, with excellent vocals by Azgorh. He has the typical black metal screaming and moaning, but also his voice goes shrill sometimes, (notable on the track White Tomb of a Whispering Forsest, which is also my favorite on the album) which sends chills down your spine. The music, rather than being full blown raw black metal, also has some slow guitar interludes throughout that really add some great atmosphere as well, and one of the best examples of this is the intro to Winter Rain and Tides of Change. I sound like a broken record, I know, but this album is truly a masterpiece. The final song, Ghosts of the South, is an ominous outro and great end to a superbly crafted piece of black metal. All in all, I am glad that I was drawn to the album by the amazing cover, and have not been disappointed one bit. Of course, this is coming from a guy who has actually listened to very few raw black metal bands. That being said, I could live with discovering many more albums that sound this good, and will definitely be checking out other Drowning The Light albums in the future.

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Australia
Label: Zyklon-B Productions
Release: June 28th, 2008

1. The Mark That Lies Beneath
2. White Tomb of a Whispering Forest
3. Winter Rain & Tides of Change
4. The Nostalgia of the Old That Runs Through Our Veins
5. The Birth of a New Age
6. Fields of Forgotten Melancholy
7. Unforgotten Treachery
8. Embraced by a Tragic End
9. Wandering Alone & Forgotten Forever
10. Ghosts of the South


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